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Necramech fails to not reset during vome/fass transition


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Today I was running vaults with a couple of my buddies. Our intention was to run all of the vaults, open all of the vaults, and then run one or two of the second line bounties. 

We expected to take a bounty, kill one mech, open one vault, take a bounty, kill two mech's, open one vault, take a bounty, kill three mech's, open one vault, then do one of the second line bounties. 

What happened was that we ran one bounty, opened one vault, and then we got a vome/fass transition. According to the patch notes, this shouldn't matter, we should be able to just proceed with our sequence. 

But when we actually tried to take the next bounty it sent us back to the same vault, we had to repeat the single mech kill, and the bonus vault was not available since that part of the dungeon was already cleared. 

This seems to differ with the patch notes, which indicate that vome/fass and fass/vome transitions should not matter once you start your runs. 

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This may be a factor in the issue I have been having as well.  For me the Vome/Fass timers have always been glitchy since deimos came out.  They are pegged at the max time for the phase and rarely ever count down time. It could say 32 mins til Vome in my orbiter but I go to cambion drift and its always stuck at 1hr til Vome or something like that on the map.  I can be there for the change over and it just sits pegged at the max time for the next cycle until it changes again.  After the vault, often the timer will not have changed.  Almost always when I host, every bounty is a tier1 isolation vault.

If the timers are still connected that explains why I am still having issues with isolation vaults being tier1 especially when I host.  As of the Arcana update I have not yet been able to host a mission that isn't an endless string of t1 isolation vault bounties and completing them does not unlock the new arcana bounties.

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