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Specters in Railjack



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Speaking of specters I did have a wtf moment in my railjack when I had it open to the public and had a full squad on board.

After awhile they all left once certain missions were over, I saw in the hud they had all left so here I am flying around killing things and farming stuff before heading back to dry dock, got off the pilots seat for some reason can't remember now and being quite tired when I turned around there was a warframe standing near navigation with a players name it, it gave me a fright.

Then I realized it was the clone from a wukong player that was onboard and had left, it followed me around my ship so I thought I'll do one more mission and see what happens well to my surprise after I purposely let a boarding party on it started fighting them. 

Now I'm not sure if I called the clone through the command menu or not but it was damn funny.

TL;DR A wukong clone followed me around helping in mission like a puppy and my warframe wasn't wukong.

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