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PSN Deimos Arcana: Prime Vault: Hotfix #3

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Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault

Deafen your foes and dazzle your allies with the newest Prime Vault release. As promised, the Vault opens with Prime items that are brand new to the rotation. 

Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime return alongside their Prime Weapons and exclusive Customizations for a limited time. Frost Prime Packs, Ember Prime Packs, and their Relics have returned to the Vault.

Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, Euphona Prime, Kogake Prime, Akbolto Prime, Helios Prime, and Deconstructor Prime Relics have been added to the drop tables! 

Visit the in-game Market to purchase your Prime Vault Packs! 

*Banshee Prime’s System Blueprint has been changed from Rare to Uncommon, as announced here

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On 2020-12-20 at 7:22 AM, (PSN)Demon-Dragon1980 said:

Necramechs still lose all Affinity earned upon host migration making it difficult to level up or force people to have to level up solo.

I solo level just fine. I spam all 1&3 with casting of 2. Pretty much you’ve got infinite energy from the tiny plants. Just run around the map and kill mobs. The more abilities you use, the more affinity you gain. Also, I think namaron 45% affinity for melee kills works for the mech. When I melee attack it seems like I gain more affinity vs using abilities.

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