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Help Me Get Nova



Hi im a new player and i wanted to play the nova class, however i realize that you need to farm raptor and at my level that is impossible. So i guess what im asking is if a high level can help me out.  :)  my in game naame is  ShhKissMe

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Sure, I'll help ya. I can bring my Frost and we'll tackle him together.


EDIT: Er, okay, so I looked at your profile. Sorry to say it dude, but you're WAY too low for this. This mission isn't just on any Corpus planet, it's on Europa; you won't survive the regular troops, since their damage scales with leveling. I can help you level so you can get RHINO, however. Then at some point, we can tackle Nova. How does that sound?

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Aww, too much for you man. That will be hard lol By the way, you can always find a good team online and try if you can do it.  There are usually good teams online! Hope you will do that.


If you need any help by the way, add me in friend list and contact me.

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