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Banshee and Mirage Prime Vault


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7 hours ago, Krilexis said:

Hope theyll do 3 in one its been a long time now. Id say Zephyr and Hydroid, if 3 Volt too? It could thematically fit with Call of the Tempesterii update.

They way they talked in AMA Q&A on Friday the next unvaulting is going to be announced this week so most likely this afternoon...

My hope is they will release the current planned unvault but also release the Nyk Prime & Vallyre Prime accessories packs as permanent addition to stores with a 1 time purchase per an account 

This will prevent exploits & also allow anyone who wants to obtain this accessories to do so..

I mean they might as well since Nyk & Vallyre Prime relics are in game permanently...

+ by purchasing the accessories pack you can still get the Prime noggles when they're given out at end of year..  

Please make it Happen DE as my fashion frame won't be 100% complete until I have the Targis Prime Armor Set..

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