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Thanks for Watching Home Devstream #10/ Devstream #150

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I did find it a bit SUS that we were looking at a 5 forma and umbral modded version... 

who while seem to be doing ok.. those were lvl 30   what happens at sp mode and 130+

I sure hope those skills scale

I get it.. more will be revealed.. as we beta test it  =)


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New stuff looks so cool! Very very glad that a new frame won't be locked behind hours of terrible RNG(ahem, granum void), and that DE is actually making a continuation of a prior event, seems like that didnt happen for a long time until now. Wonder will there be an event badge for Orphix Venom as well?

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well i'm excited to finally see some content islands crossing paths... lich and railjack crossing paths will be exciting and i'm super excited for the new crew....


my one wish list for 2021 is some new parazon functionality tho..... give it the ripcord and dashline and maybe a grenade function and replace those underwhelming abilities on their respective frames with something more unique to the frames...

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Wow man.   Corpus RJ skyboxes are #$^$^*ing SWEEEEEEET.    The ephemera also!!!!   I feel so bad for grineer Railjack now lol.   Its like cetus and then fortuna.   Big massive jumps in quality.   

QUESTION 1:  When we give weapons to our Railjack peeps is that permanent or just temporary?? Is it the same as Spectres where they just get the default weapon minus all our killer mods?? 

QUESTION 2:  Do you plan on letting us customize the guys in our dojo the same way???  Can we add guys to our dojo in the same manner?? 


Enjoy your vacation!!

PS Steve: Panam !!!!  Cyberpunk is fun as hell.   Needs better music tho.  

I like the contrast between actiony 3rd person games like Warframe and shooters that let you use cover like Cyberpunk/Mass Effect.



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