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This Event Is The Best One So Far.


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I think this event is frikin fantastic. Thank you DE, the level of quality, the unique scenario/map, the great rewards, the story tie ins, this is really what I was hoping to see in events from you guys.


I think I (hopefully) speak for a large majority of players when I say that if waiting more between events means we get this level of quality or higher, then I am all for some patience. Take your time, make them interesting, rewarding, and a good length of time like this one.


Kudos, really, and thank you for all the amazing work you have done on this game recently (and in general).


I hadn't played in a few months due to work and real life, and coming back it feels like the game got a MAJOR upgrade in a lot of ways. 


Really excited to see what comes next. If I could take you all out for cupcakes and other tasty edibles, I totally would. :)

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Why? All it is is a extermination mission that you have to do 100's of times, and the AI is so stupid that your allies can only take out 7 enemies for you.


Yeah ok, I didn't say it was perfect. Indeed the mission type being recycled 100% of the time does indeed get repetitive, and the ally AI isn't all great. However at the same time it's interesting being temporarily allied with one side. 


Sure the implementation of gameplay isn't 100% but remember that events right now (and maybe in the future) are also for testing things and trying out new things. So we beta test it, get some kickass rewards at the same time, and get a unique event with plenty of positive stuff.


All I'm saying is that they did a lot of stuff right with this event, and I hope that they continue down this path until it's eventually "perfect" like you allude to. :)

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It's nice for a concept event, could use more proper way to reward tho coz right now it's biased to the side with better battle pay. That's the only thing that makes this event abit messy imo.


yeah that's true I suppose, I think I saw one map where the reward for one side was a reactor blueprint and on the other side it was like 100k credits lol...


...although it's also true that maybe that would be a tough call for a new player who needs creds, I remember when I started out I was constantly short on credits

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I am digging the event in that it's bringing personality to the Warframe universe in a way we haven't had before.  I also think the rewards are stellar and a lot of players must be thrilled at all the potato's and cash they're getting (not to mention clantech mats).  


The gamemode itself?  Well, it's certainly an interesting concept which I seriously hope they expand upon in the future.  The inclusion of a lot of elite units is a good move but the same map (it seems like there is no variation in tiles) and a really straight forward game mode against albeit elite but still rather bland units sort of drags the event down a bit.  


I would love to see them expand on this with mutli-staged objectives like defend a spot for a short period of time then assault a location to enable your allies to accomplish [insert verb] and then maybe a standoff where there is a really high spawn rate of enemies and you have to survive for a few minutes and then breakthrough.  spice things up with some nerfed generic boss clones like hyena's or.....well Grineer are in a bad spot on this part I guess.  Anyways, I think they can do better than that but I think you get the point, something more engaging. 

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