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Fortuna Bounties.

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Ok I shouldv'e reported this one a while back. When you try to farm Orb Valis Bounties if you come up on the "secure area" section of the bounty you can only do it once. If I hack the console once for that bounty and complete it and  I restart the same bounty it won't let me hack the console in a second round of bounties. The notification doesn't show for you to press "Y" to hack. I have to load back into Fortuna and reset for it to work. Very frustrating if I am farming relics. Next If Tek Assualt is the last reward when you complete the bounty you do not get your bonus if all parts of the bounty were completed perfectly and you've completed the bonus prerequisites. I am not sure of it happens with other rewards or if Tek Assualt is a first or second reward etc. but I am almost sure it happens when it is the final reward. It happened quite often that's how I noticed. Thank you.

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To add to the bugs in the bounties in Orb Valis. The "Rescue the Hostages" part of the bounty requires you to get data keys to get a bonus . If you do not reset to Fortuna the enemies with the data keys don't show up if you complete this bounty and attempt to do another one thus thus there is no possible way to get the bonus.

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