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**EPIC WEAPONS SKINS BUG** Skins are Imposing Non-Kuva Weapon Values onto Kuva Weapons!

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I saw a video about this this morning and looking into it myself, and it's apparent. There's a bug with the Epic Unreal Tournament Skins where they're imposing the values of non-Kuva weapon variants onto the kuva weapons. 

As soon as I obtained these skins, I put the Drakgoon skin and Ogris skin on my Kuva Drakgoon and Kuva Ogris, and I freaking love them. However, if you look at the numbers in play, you can see differences in damage and crit/etc. reflecting that when the Kuva Ogris has the Unreal Tournament Ogris skin, it acts like a normal Ogris (except for requiring the shot to be charged). Same with the Drakgoon. 

When I looked at the values in the arsenal of the weapons with the skin applied vs when the skin isn't applied, you can see that every time you look at the kuva variants with the skin on, it's showing a 'change' from regular variant to kuva variant. I'm suspecting that even though the values reflect a change to the kuva variant, the non-kuva variant values are imposed in every instance of the weapon 'existing?' to where the kuva values are overridden. I can see a difference in numbers in the simulacrum.

Surely it's not intentional to change Kuva variant values to non-kuva values? DE, please look into this. I love the skins, but I can't use them if they neuter my kuva weapons.

Check out these interesting screen shots:

This is showing the values of my Kuva Ogris without the skin applied. Normal. (I photoshopped two images together to show the full value set)

Here's the same Kuva Ogris, but with the skin applied. Note the two sets of values.


Here's the same comparison with the Kuva Drakgoon. Here it is without the skin applied:

And here is the Kuva Drakgoon with the skin applied. The change shows all the time; not just when something is modified. If I leave the arsenal and come back, it still shows the values being 'changed':


Maybe it has something to do with how the skin changes animations and the projectiles etc.? An unintended side effect? Please, for the love of these new awesome skins, adjust them to not change the stats of the weapons.

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  • RenzorTheRed changed the title to **EPIC WEAPONS SKINS BUG** Skins are Imposing Non-Kuva Weapon Values onto Kuva Weapons!

That explains everything. It might be more than just animations that get changed.

Flac cannon has slower projectiles that stop earlier (it doesn't seem just visual). Stahltha alt-fire explodes faster (no delay, whereas original has like 1 sec delay). 

Ogris probably has some alteration too, but I don't play it enough to notice.

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