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Forma blueprints gone !

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hey! that was MY account you logged into!!! get out of there right away!


ok, just kidding ^^)

lets stay calm, shall we? first off, did you let some else use you account? siblings, kids, friends? if so, ask them about this. if not, do you use 2-way-authentification? if not, your account might be hijacked (partially since you still have access to it - but such things happen). so check if your stuff is still there (platinum, rare mods and prime parts) and also, open a ticket from this forum to the support-desk about this, since only they can check what was done on your account and if some script ran amok or someone traded something... not that this would afflict any forma that was build - for that, check if you have the forma added to your inventory (i hope you know how many there should be - me, i have too much to care remembering).

lastly, don't play warframe intoxicated or while sleep-walking... ok i guess that the last part would be hard to ayoid ^^)

anyway, contact the support since the forum might be taking too long to reach them if there really is some bigger issue with your account.

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