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Isolation Vault T2/T3 location swapped, entering Cambion Drift from Necralisk gets me into a wrong one

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Hi, with the latest patch Mother's location for giving T2/T3 Iso Vault bounties were swapped. (Why?)

Ok I guess, except when I enter Cambion Drift from Necralisk after having accepted a T2 bounty from mother will match me into a T3 bounty, and vice versa.

And I understand that the Iso Vault bounties themselves are supposed to be on a cycle, but they still say "No Expiry"!



T1 rewards are separated by line breaks, whereas T2/T3 rewards have commas separating them.


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I've gotten T1 and T2 groups from the T3 mission, except when I'm not on public and play solo, it puts me in the right tier every time. On public, it seems random and has never actually sent me to straight to T3.

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