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Operation: Orphix Venom - Lavos Feedback Megathread (Read First Post)

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On 2021-01-05 at 3:12 PM, Tsoe said:

when you subsume vial rush and use it on other frame , it doesnt pro ice at all

its pretty sad i farmed the event to have a second lavos to subsum it and put my ressource and time for a skill that dont do anything -_-


i supose its related to the fact that other warframes dont have status duration stats




This sounds like a bug or an accident without question, likely due to the reason you just pointed out about status duration

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I find his first ability pretty useless compared to the rest of his kit. I never use it. Since infused abilities remove the toxin element, its out of the question to replace it. 

Can we please allow the imbued element to still work for subsumed abilities? Altho I can see how that would cause problems with abilities that already have hold to cast functions... 

I wish the snakes were more unique and less of the same old fireball, ice ball, shock, shuriken type of thing nobody uses besides the augments. Like if he released the snakes and they would attach to enemies kinda like saryn spores but with a different function and only few of them at a time (not looking for a saryn replacement). Have them leech health and spread status over time instead. 

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23 minutes ago, xombob89 said:

I find his first ability pretty useless compared to the rest of his kit. I never use it. Since infused abilities remove the toxin element, its out of the question to replace it. 

I've been looking at it like a more offensive version of Inaros' Desiccate.

It restores a fat chunk of health like Inaros does by doing finishers after Desiccating, but up-front instead of on-stab, while still allowing you free finisher stabs (and applying some free status of choice), but in exchange it's generally less of a control tool other than the 'finisher vulnerable' recoil and controlling-type status infusions since it doesn't fully Blind enemies facing it.

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1 hour ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

It restores a fat chunk of health like Inaros does by doing finishers after Desiccating, but up-front instead of on-stab, while still allowing you free finisher stabs (and applying some free status of choice), but in exchange it's generally less of a control tool other than the 'finisher vulnerable' recoil and controlling-type status infusions since it doesn't fully Blind enemies facing it.

Sure, but its still very boring ability. Wisp is a good example of warframe with unique and VERY useful first ability (maybe even most useful in her kit). Like I said almost nobody uses the "old" warframes first abilities unless with an augment, so why repeat the same pattern for new ones. Granted Lavos can still use it to spread more status effects but all the other skills do it way better and can be cast few seconds apart so theres no real reason to use the first one besides healing if you dont have healing arcanes/weapons/pets (which most people probably have if health is an issue). Not to mention universal orbs are also good source of healing. 

When I first heard of Lavos and the snakes, I expected the snakes to actually crawl out and attack enemies independently somehow, not be an organic whip lol. It could be so much cooler. 

Its the same thing with Gauss, he could've had so many cool speed related abilities but instead theres Embers old fire-ring for some reason and kinetic plating thats just plain boring (couldve had baruuk style phasing effect at the very least to make him look like his moving so fast bullets go through him). 

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Lavos suggestion: make the status infusion apply permanently to abilities. Can be reset by infusing new status or removed by infusing same status again (optional, IDK why you would ever remove it). Applying before every cast is so time consuming, and playing on controller makes it impossible to get in a good groove. 
I can see this has also been addressed by others, and you can see it's quite a problem for his playability.

Lavos Fix: 1st ability infusion description is misleading, says "imbue all abilities" instead of "the next ability cast".

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I would like to give my 2 cents, Ive have leveled lavos to 30 3 times now, playing him in various missions including random/hydron and the orphix event. One thing I have noticed is the sheer amount of finger dexterity required in diverse maps, ea: hold 1 hold 3 cast 4, cast 2, hold 1 hold 2 cast 1 cast 3. it is exhausting! I quickly lose interest in playing a frame that has so much micro management! Secondly and (mainly why I posted here) please consider changing his cool down reduction mechanic. My suggestion is to have the omni-orbs reduce cool down for all skills, including is transmutation drone, by w/e scale you deem appropriate . In this way it is still tied to his skill cast, but has additional synergies and isn't tied to a single cast. Also VERY interesting dynamics could be used to "plan" for skill use depending on where you are standing near the orbs. Currently there is a hard limit to power scaling with lavos basically caping all skills at 2 casts before his 3 is off cooldown. That simply wont work at higher levels and isn't comparable to other frames abilities either.


Thank you for your consideration.

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I am not a player concerned with High-Level play, much. Mostly just concerned with basic functionality, and Fun factor.

Been playing him off and on since I bought him, and so far


In my opinion:

Stats are a breath of fresh air, another frame with Health/armor high enough to be viable for some Tanking without further Damage Reduction.

Passive / Vial system appeals to both my strategic brain, and my caveman "Press all the buttons" brain. I love it just as it is.

Cooldown system is nice to have as unique to a given warframe. Certainly not something I'd want on every frame, but nice on Lavos. It gets most of it's "Oomph" factor by the fact that all 4 of his abilities are single-use, basically-no-duration, immediate actions. If it were a lot of juggling both Cooldowns AND Duration timers, then things might get tedious, but it's not that way, so it works :)

Ophidian Bite is a nice, punchy ability with many useful effects, and I'm glad the "close-range", low-cooldown ability is the one to get the Lifesteal effect. However, it's limitations of being Ground-cast only, and the fact that it cannot be aimed, combine together to make it difficult to find a nice place to cast it in some maps. I'd suggest changing at least 1 of these factors.

Vial Rush is Fast, Fun, and moderately Spammable. It's amazing. I love it just as it is.

Transmutation Probe is comfortable to use, applies statuses well, but it's cooldown reduction mechanics feel almost completely negligable by comparison. I feel I ought to either build strongly into efficiency, or Not at all and ignore it.

Catalyze, since the Verticality changes, is a perfectly serviceable nuke. Very glad that it can be altered with Vial Elements to change function to be a CC (Cold status, fire status, etc), though. Personally not much of a nuke-fan.

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Just thinking about lavos alchemy , colours and I think you missed a great chance to have a more colourful way to display the power abilities.

If you choose default power colour then maybe it should choose the ability colours based on the elements selected.

The HUD already chooses some colours for the combined abilities etc.

The only question then comes what elements would have what colours.

YOU COULD make a UI element in options letting people choose the colours so that other places in the game that shows that element use that palette.

Or you could just force an appropriate choice.

Heres what I would choose:

Cold: White with a hint of blue

Heat: Orange

Electrical: Light Blue

Toxic: Green

Corrosion: Yellow/Green

Radiation: Purple

Blast: Whitish Orange

Magnetic: Aqua/Turquise




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Admittedly I haven't played Lavos yet as I'm on console and we have yet to get Orphix Venom, which I'm guessing is because you guys want to wait until you have the first round of Lavos changes ready before you release them to us. That or your trying to at least make things easier for controller with his mix-n-match elements gimmick. Having seen footage and read many comments here, I want to second a suggestion a few people have had, which is to create 'elemental stacks', so you don't have re-input elements for every move, because I can already see how trying to run or roll around to avoid damage while you make your inputs is going to get me killed on console with this guy. I also think it makes a lot of sense for his theme.

He's an alchemist, he's got vials. Inputing an elemental combo should create a 'stack' of vials of the created element (I'm thinking 3-7, possibly effected by efficiency stat? Right now efficiency effects a bunch of strange things on Lavos, which many have pointed out seems very counterintuitive. If you don't want efficiency to effect cooldowns in any way, this seems a good alternative, to increase or decrease the amount of vials per stack. 7 is an important number in alchemy so it seems like a good max, and any less than 3 seems pointless.) Vials are used up when casting abilities, adding that element on top of whatever the base element of the ability is. If you want to reset your vials, just input a new element.

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Am 9.1.2021 um 04:38 schrieb 7thDragon:

Lavos suggestion: make the status infusion apply permanently to abilities. Can be reset by infusing new status or removed by infusing same status again (optional, IDK why you would ever remove it). Applying before every cast is so time consuming, and playing on controller makes it impossible to get in a good groove. 
I can see this has also been addressed by others, and you can see it's quite a problem for his playability.

Lavos Fix: 1st ability infusion description is misleading, says "imbue all abilities" instead of "the next ability cast".

The constant status application to his abilities is so exhausting. My fingers already hurt after some time, but my mental state is drained as well. What enemy requires which element, what element is on my weapons and so on. I know it might even be weaker, but I would all be for a random application of elements. Better would be though 7thDragon's idea: If I could bind an element to an ability for one time in a mission and unless I change it, ability 2 gets cast with viral (for example) for the rest of the mission.

It is a very cool frame that I never play, because of those reasons.

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After maxing out Lavos and trying out a few different builds, I feel like I can stop giving him the benefit of the doubt. "Clunky" describes most of his unique features, from his cooldowns to his largely two-dimensional abilities in a 3D game.

My main criticism:

  • His cooldowns make using his abilities painfully awkward to use, even when factoring his 3. Given that most of his kit doesn't feel especially strong compared to what most other frames can do at no real cost, they don't feel justified either. If it weren't for Lavos's generous stats, I don't think he'd be a truly functional frame. While it was worthwhile to try to experiment with a cooldown-based frame, I think this particular experiment is a failure.
  • Most of his abilities don't seem to work the moment there's a difference in elevation: Ophidian Bite can't seem to target enemies that aren't on the same elevation as Lavos (it's only a cone at a fixed angle), Vial Rush makes us dash across a flat surface in a game that gives us the ability to jump at any angle for free, Transmutation Probe by contrast just falls off the map the moment there's a pit (and there are a lot of pits in the game), and Catalyze seems to only damage enemies in a disc. If Warframe were some 2D game where player and enemy were always on the same level, this would all be fine, but the fact that most of our time spent moving is in three dimensions, in rooms with multiple levels and floors, it just doesn't work.
  • The infusion mechanic is literally painful to use repeatedly due to the frequency of button presses that it requires. Judging by the amount of criticism other players have given about this, I'm not the only one who feels this way, and I can only imagine how even more awkward it would be on console. This I think warrants more serious consideration than the rest, because the mechanic is implemented in a way that poses a genuine risk of inducing RSI in players.
  • Ophidian Bite feels super weak for its cooldown. 2K elemental damage on a 8-second cooldown is peanuts compared to weapons that can deal dozens of times more damage every second or so, and apply more status in the process.
  • While also an experimental feature, Lavos's stat scalings are themselves awkward. I don't really see why ability duration ought to affect the status effects applied by his weapons or even his abilities, nor why ability efficiency cannot simply affect his cooldowns directly.
  • This is a problem with many other frames, but Lavos's forced animations on his abilities, including his 1, just add to the clunkiness. It doesn't feel great to be forced to stand still for any period of time in Warframe.

TL;DR: Lavos feels like a fish out of water, as if he were designed for some game other than Warframe. For sure, he's an experimental frame, and I'm glad DE tried to innovate with him, but now that he's out and has been played, I think the conclusion to draw is that much of his experimental features aren't a good fit for the game. Cooldowns aren't a good idea in this game, nor are his special stat scalings. Beyond that, he also has some problems that can be found in other frames, namely a kit that functions on a 2D plane, and that thus poorly fits a 3D mobility-heavy game, and forced animations that add even more clunk.

While this wouldn't fix all of Lavos's problems, my suggestions to improve him would include the following:

  • Change the infusion mechanic so that the infusion is permanent, and doesn't get consumed by ability casting or even by the mission ending. The only way to change the infusion should be for the player to input a new element, with combined elements getting reset if a new element is infused.
  • Change Lavos's abilities to work properly in a 3D environment:
    • Ophidian Bite should be able to target enemies at a different elevation from the player. This should mean centering the cone around the player's reticle, instead of having it be at a fixed angle.
    • Vial Rush should propel the player in their chosen direction, and not keep them to the floor. The ability should also likely provide a surge in momentum, and not just drag the player across a fixed distance that needs to be cancelled via jumping.
    • This seems to be in the works already, but Transmutation Probe should keep going in the same direction and not be affected by gravity.
    • Catalyze should create a sphere and not a disc.
  • Change Lavos's animations to be less restrictive. Ophidian Bite in particular should be a one-handed animation, not a full-body one.
  • Readjust Lavos's stat scalings to be less awkward:
    • Remove the interaction between ability duration and status duration, and instead give Lavos's status effects their standard duration.
    • Have ability efficiency directly affect Lavos's cooldowns.
  • Change Ophidian Bite's effects in the following ways to better justify its cooldown and enable better synergy:
    • Change its damage so that it scales better, either by making it scale with enemy level, or making it deal percentage health+shields damage.
    • Instead of healing Lavos instantly, have the ability make enemies drop health orbs. This should synergize better with Transmutation Probe, and potentially let him make better use of mods like Health Conversion.
  • While this would change the purpose of Lavos's design, and would thus be more contentious, I think it would benefit him to remove his cooldowns and instead implement Energy costs to his abilities (or health costs instead). There is currently nothing about his kit that really warrants substantial downtimes, not even the potentially massive damage on his 4.

Effectively, most of the above should make Lavos less awkward and RSI-inducing to play, which I think is currently his main problem. Outside of their cooldowns, animations, and awkward targeting, his abilities are mostly fine, and while I'd say his frame has design problems, I wouldn't say Lavos is a weak frame by any means either. With the above changes, he'd likely feel a lot more fluid to play.

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On 2021-01-07 at 4:21 AM, Ubermacho said:

TLDR potent, engaging, and somewhat clunky. Kit is very well designed with a few flaws. 1 could use a little extra functionality at high levels. 2 is amazing fun but some steering would be appreciated. 3 is a unique utility tool that pathing can sometimes mess with. 4 is deadly but the lack of verticality hampers it in open world maps.. Passive’s inability to reset once a combined element is in place can often throw my combos out of whack if I make a mistake.

    Passive: Consuming the element with each cast is the chunkiest part of the kit for me. I struggle to see the benefit of consuming per cast, and the locking of the element until consumption. I often create an unwanted element, and have no choice but to spend one of my cd’s to get another. I’d prefer being able to change the element whenever I want, and keeping that element until I create another, deleting the consumptive nature of the ability entirely.

     1: decent sustain ability that needs a little more spice. Damage is fine against low armor, but becomes negligible against those big boi grineer. In high levels, that narrows its functionally to a heal, but with the cool down, that heal can be somewhat unreliable and I found myself resorting to operator. Opening enemies up to finishers is nice, but isn’t very sinergetic with his kit.

Possible changes: 

    -Give the ability two charges,to have that heal on hand more often. Have the ability reduce the targets armor by a flat percentage (30-40% would be my armchair dev values). Or, have the ability reset the duration on all status’s effecting the target, giving you more time to proc your bigger combos. 

    -Attack “detonates” the vials from vial rush, causing their statuses to spread across a wider area

    -Move the cooldown reduction functionally to the whip, opening up the 3 to be a longer lasting ability.

2 My favorite part of the kit, but a lean mechanique would be appreciated. A slight misjudgement of trajectory can have you stuck on a doorframe.

    3. Effective, but the probe has a tendency to stick on terrain. Seems strange that all the effort on a model and the ability lasts less than ten seconds. Perhaps a future augment will allow us to keep it around or swapping out the cd to the 1 as mentioned earlier.

    4. The first change helped a lot with the potency, but the verticality is still lacking in open world maps, especially where terrain is steep. Have it drop a vial every couple meters, and have those vials also be detonatable by the 1. Additiona


I'm not trying to downplay your suggestions, in fact, I agree with them 100%. This is just something that as I read your post, a thought came to my mind. Please take this in good faith. You could use Trinity's subsumed ability, among others, on Lavos' 1st ability for better survivability.

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My feedback after getting him to max-rank: He's kind of nuts in that he's possibly the only Frame right now that can be viable without any weapons equipped. They certainly help, yes, but I was finding it pretty difficult to get weapon affinity in with Lavos' consistently-available ability options. Frankly, the concept of using cooldowns is something that a bunch of other frames could benefit on with their less drastic abilities - things used for minor mobility like Rhino Charge for example (which otherwise directly competes with the same energy resource that is used by Iron Skin, Roar, and Stomp.)

Stat Loadout:

All quite good, but one thing baffles me about him:

Why is his base sprint speed 1.15?

He's one of the chunkiest-looking frames in the game and yet he outspeeds or matches light and flighty frames like Valkyr, Mesa, and Zephyr. Not just that, but his one movement-based ability is purely lateral movement, so basically having a high sprint speed not only doesn't make sense when it comes to looks, it's redundant with an ability that already allows him to cross long stretches of ground.

That aside, most of his other basic stats check out - Lavos is bulky and survivable, and he needs that in the face of him only really having one defensively-oriented ability in his bite self-heal and his cooldowns essentially enforcing a limit on how often he can attack (usually not that big of a limit). Otherwise, his gimmick is all about elemental all-out assault.

Passive Gimmicks:

I've already covered a bit about his recharges at the start, and I think a bunch of other frames could benefit from that use style, in some sense, for abilities that don't usually fit into their ability uses frequently. Again, by making it so that each ability isn't something that draws from one common energy reservoir to use, it means you no longer have to measure the comparative benefit that a given ability will give you upon use - sometimes this is good on frames like Volt, where it's pretty valid to either throw out jolts for damage or to shield up (i.e. all his options are good). In other cases like Rhino or Valkyr where it's a question of whether you want to use your energy to cover some distance a bit faster than usual, or to become invincible and leverage the 1-2 main abilities that you're actually useful for.

That's all a moot point though and basically a rant, because in addition to Lavos' abilities not competing for energy, they also maintain viable use cases anyways!

The other half of Lavos' passive(???) effects is his infusion capability, which took a bit of getting used to. It's quite cool, but I have two small issues with it:

  1. No way to cancel activated elements
  2. There's basically no reason NOT to use them whenever possible (even if it's a poorly-chosen element)

And I could see how these are intentional in their own rights: you can't, by nature, un-mix a concoction so just throw it out there instead. For the other point, even if there's no reason not to prepare an infusion, it's still a slight extra bit of time required to prepare an attack. In the long run, at the end of this post, I'll get to why these two points just don't even matter in practice. Given possible playstyle varieties though, it would be nice to perhaps introduce an Augment that could enable 'distilling' the elements out with a repeated infuse activation.

Ophidian Bite:

Starting ability's a big contributing factor to why Lavos is so tanky. Necessary to survive in protracted battles, and provides much-needed health restoration to make maximal use of his high armor. That said, it's not inherently clear from the graphics what area it's hitting, but that could be said for a lot of the attacks in Warframe. I also feel that its nature distracts a bit from the rest of his concept, which is very much based on outright destructive capacity, but the next part on his 2 ability will justify some of that.

Edit: gonna have to agree with some of the other people here, there isn't any innate reason that this should also be ground-bound.

Vial Rush:

Weird concept for a move in general, but ok. I really like how this ability works and feels. Honestly, I wish Rhino Charge kind of worked as a toggle like this instead of being a jilted, comboing lurch forward over multiple activations. What the combination of Orphidian Bite and Vial Rush make pretty clear, however, is that Lavos is meant to be a frontliner of sorts. He doesn't have the immediate projectile capacity or massive overarching reach that other offense-heavy frames like Saryn or Volt can attain, but what he does have is chufty armor, self-heals, and an extremely effective mobility tactic for both getting in and out.

Augment Idea for Vial Rush: Something that removes the gravity/falldown on it so that you can basically zip forward in a long Air Dash...

Transmutation Probe:

This thing can't quite make up its mind on whether it wants to be a defensive structure/buff source like Wisp's Reservoirs, or an offensive projectile. The range on its area is quite small I feel, and the benefits it generates are quite situational. That all feels secondary to it being capable of spreading debuff and enabling quicker cooldowns as it passes through enemies, so the gimmick of morphing pickups into buffs is a much lower priority compared to infusing this baby and tossing it through a big mob, in which case it can basically serve as a Vial Rush for when you don't actually want to move and potentially want to keep an AoE on an objective like an Excavator.

Augment Idea for Transmuation Probe: Slower, larger AoE that places much more emphasis on defense and healing/buff transmutations. Maybe generates healing/energy pulses for orbs picked up?


So Lavos' nuke ability is meant to work as a capstone to him using everything else: building up loads of debuffs on his targets with his weapons and other abilities, and then unleashing this to make his targets either extremely vulnerable, or dead. Here's the thing though: even when I haven't really taken much time to prepare a whole smorgasbord of elemental debuffs on my targets this thing still seems to do more than enough damage to clear all threats out. This then becomes the general crux of what I feel about Lavos: he is generally too powerful in that he's subverting his whole gimmick by already having strong abilities.

I believe more of Lavos' semi-defensive approaches would make a lot more sense if he was meant to approach these fights with a meticulous, preparative, alchemical counterattack-based style. The focus placed more on applying the right debuffs rather than all the debuffs. Remember when I stated at the passives section about initially worrying about selecting the wrong infusions for my moves? Turns out, that doesn't really matter. Any debuff is good debuff, because it's guaranteed to hinder the enemy in some way, and it's also guaranteed to result in extra (double) damage when Catalyze gets set off.

Key Takeaways/TLDR version:

My main feedback on where Lavos should head from here is:

  • Become slower and more cerebral; his armor is a buffer for his preparations, and the decisions of what effects to apply matter that much more.
    • idea: have a debuff-stack multiplication on targets that are weak to the given ability Lavos used, or based on the damage done. A Heat-infused Charge might put 5 burn stacks on an Ancient Infested, but 0 on a Hyekka Master and her flame-proof suit.
  • Give infusing attacks some kind of tradeoff other than their activation period: a 1-second period spent holding down an ability key or two isn't enough of a time investment to really justify doubling the damage of any given ability, with any damage type in the game (guaranteed to apply a debuff that can be leveraged with Catalyze, even if it wouldn't normally be useful or effective!)
  • Cooldowns are something that could absolutely be applied to other frames as a way to balance out usability of lower-energy utility skills, versus high-energy 'I need to use this to survive' skills.
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I feel like he needs a better way to spread status in his kit so that he doesn't have to rely on Cedo to bump the damage of Catalyze.  Vial Rush is a really great skill for doing it, but it being a mobility skill makes so that you're running back and forth a lot just so you can proc status.  I don't really know what the solution to this would be though, I wouldn't want him to lose Ophidian Bite and Transmutation Probe can't really be changed into a status applier either.  A good start would be having Catalyze having increased damage from the status that it applies to enemies.

I haven't had an issue with mixing elements after toggling the press/hold skill key option.


EDIT:  After some thinking, why not make Ophidian Bite put venomous mist over an area for a set amount of time with the mist being able to proc status?  It would give him a cc option without requiring the use of Catalyze or needlessly dashing around with Vial Rush.  Everything else about the skill could remain the same, with the HP leech only being on the "bite" portion of the skill.

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his kit still feels too weak overall for how focused and slow his playstyle can be, all his abilities except his ult need a normalized 5 second cooldown and the condition overload effect.

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Just a bit of a nitpick, for Helminth x Lavos, could we get the hold effect to be on whatever Lavos' 1 is and not Ophidian Bite? so if I Helminth out one of his abilities, I dont lose the ability to infuse that element into my casts  As it is now, helminth system really not worth on him imo

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Disclaimer: Only read first page, so if I say something someone already said, or addressed, apologies.


Lavos mixing of elements is tedious.

My suggestion is make the mixing of elements a toggle.

So every ability, holding it adds the element, and it will apply to all abilities without being erased after use.

Holding the ability again will Remove the applied element.

Tldr: Elements don't disappear after use. Add or Remove elements by holding them again.

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I've leveled it to 30 and nothing more on my side. Two main reasons, the cooldowns, and the holds. Cooldowns, okay, you wanted to try. That's a good thing, but they were removed from Warframe years ago for a reason. If that mechanic remains on Lavos for people who enjoy that, no problem, but please don't expand... Holds, that's maybe a "me" problem, I hate that. I am not an Octopus, I have 10 fingers and 5 are mostly linked to the mouse. When I'll be genetically engineered to grow a third hand, maybe I'll enjoy Holds everywhere, but it's really boring and painful to use at all. So a frame that entirely rely on you holding X every second action ? Yup, no thanks, I'll pass.

I can deal with "regular" Warframes having a few spells with Hold (in the end, I just swap to what I want and never switches, i.e. Vauban), but Lavos is unplayable to me. Well, playable, but absolutely no fun, and I kinda value my time.

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Please allow us to reset/reconfigure Lavos's vial combined element incase we made a mistake.

Also, is it possible to have an update on the Lavos changes you are considering based on the feedbacks from this forum during the Devstream on 29th?

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Let his 1 and 2 hold charges. Multiple cooldown refreshes from 3 would make more sense. You could spam 1 or 2 for burst damage or zipping back and forth respectively.

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Let's his passive with the Cedo add ammo to your magazine. I'm running Carrier and I don't see any change because Carrier already transform any ammunition into Cedo-compatibile ammunition.


Catalyze (4th) should have more range up & down. I turn it on and it cannot destroy alarms for normal sized rooms because they are too high.


Transmutation probe (3rd) and maybe the Vial Rush (2nd) should bounce off walls and other things. Both abilities get stuck and do (almost) nothing. After we hit an obstacle (e.g. wall) we shouldn't make 180 rotation but something like 160 or 200 and continue to move. Shooting Transmutation probe should be like Pinball.


Transmutation probe doesn't work with Carrier because it pick up energy orbs before I can shoot Transmutation probe. I see it has energy. Could it have "internally" N (N = number equal energy from energy orb) energy and every ability cast will reduce your energy by N. This will fix few things because energy orbs are on the ground:

- you can transmute them with Transmutation probe

- you can use Arcane erruption by picking energy orb when you want (not all energy orbs almost at once).

- you won't pick/consume universal orb unless you want it. As for now you pick universal orb whenever your health is full or not. This change will consume universal orbs when your health is not full OR you press ability key

ps. don't just turn off vacuum like with Ironclad Flight because I want vacuum but when it's necessary (read above)



It worth mentioning, whenever it's bug or not, Vial rush turns off your sprint:


As for imbuing elements, you should remove them without using ability - for example imbuing another element may replace old one (replacing only one element will require 2 key presses)




As for main theme of mixing elements it brings fresh air. I'm playing with him using elements that should work the best against given faction/enemy (e.g. magnetize for destroying shields, corrosive for destroying armor) or have interesting features (e.g. slowness of cold, stuns for electricity or confusion of radiation ). I'm still not sure whenever I should do any combination of elements.

One element is useless - blast. You can do the same with cold + corrosive (for robotics as fair I remember).

Still, playing with all elements is nice. It might be not the best way to deal with enemies but I can use all elements... so why not to use it? I use "proper" combination because it's tiresome to change mods before game. Lavos "fixes" it by allowing us to do it (change elements) in mission.

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An Argument against Elemental-Vial persisting between casts:

  1. It Encourages the "Wrong" Style of Play. If the easier, faster option is to cast an ability with the same element as the one before, then one is encouraged to spread fewer unique status effects, and thus get less value out of Catalyze, Cedo, and Condition Overload.
  2. It Wouldn't Fix the Problem. Because Catalyze & Co. still has the encouragement to spread multiple status effects, players would still feel obligated to constantly swap elements. So they would either be "hurting their fingers" the same amount as before, or they would knowingly be playing the frame less optimally. Either way, they would ultimately just come right back to the forums later, asking for more fixes to his Vial-mixing.
  3. It Subtracts From the Theming. If you're not constantly mixing "potions", then you don't get the full "alchemist frame", discount-Magicka feeling he was built for. (Basically I'm just saying it'd feel less cool, which I acknowledge is totally subjective).
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First problem: Before i tried him, i said i had no problems with cooldowns since i play mmos and they have a lot of cooldowns in abilities

But then now i am playing with this Warframe and i remember...

Most mmos i play have at least 8 abilities, so if all have cooldowns, i have a lot of options and rotations to choose from.

Warframe only have 4 abilities on each, giving them cooldowns (LONG ones) is kind of hindering lavos.


SUGGESTION: cooldown reduction on third ability should be 2-3 seconds instead of 1

Second problem: i can't take this warfrmae in a more serious missions like boss fights that are immune to status like Orbs, arbitrations, and most enemy units nowadays.

SUGGESTION: Please add a weapon damage buff stat in one of his abilities 

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