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Thanks For Watching Home Time #37!

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4 minutes ago, (NSW)albadicentra said:

I’m not sure if you noticed in chat on twitch but the winner of nezha prime access thejcmonster64 won yesterday and he said in chat that he wanted you to give it to someone else.

They did actually.

If they want to check the comment that you are referring to, they can type '@thejcmonster64' in chat, click the name in chat and look at the message history.

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2 minutes ago, (NSW)albadicentra said:

Oh I just didn’t hear them address it at all?

No, they didn't notice, but they can check back the message history of that user in twitch chat to make sure they actually said that.

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Wow really? I made an entire Ski resort, including a hot tub filled with Grineer in the photo I entered into the contest and didn't even get an Honorable Mention? Some of the entries that one have NOTHING RESEMBLING FESTIVE HOLIDAY CHEER AT ALL! Who the heck is picking the winners, (DE) HELEN KELLER? Yes there were some great entries for sure, but clearly there were entries that had little or nothing to do with HOLIDAY spirit except a Santa hat on a kubrow. I was also under the impression that this would be like every other contest and have winners per platform. If you are going to have a contest, can you maybe make it less obvious that you are picking winners based on something other than arbitrary opinions of DE employees!  Maybe its time to offer Optometry Benefits to your employees, as it appears that there are some, that might be needing a new prescription. Thanks for the Holiday Cheer, oops, I mean lump of coal in my stocking!

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