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Breaking The Frame: Rhino Edition


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This is a nice little build for all you Rhino players who want the most out of your frame.


This build is a primary focus on using abilities to tank. A 12 energy Iron skin, and 25 energy Stomp will most likely be spammed to keep damage off you and allies while keeping you resilient.

Helmet: Any
Aura: Rifle Amp(Or Anything really)

Fleeting Expertise
Quick Thinking

Iron Skin
Rhino Stomp

+150% Energy Capacity
+120% Health and Shield
+ 75% Energy on hits
+75% Power Efficiency
+45% Power Range
+30% Ability Power

-60% Power Duration

Near invulnerability with Rage and Quick Thinking. Just beware lag and Disruptors.

While you may be godmode, Vigor is a nice buffer to keep HP up

 Use Iron Skin to keep you resilient, Focus help gives a buff to it. Blind Rage isn't recommended, but it could work.

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