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Necramechs - How Can We Heal Them?

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In stead of taking away of mech healing options,

I really hoping they add a 'block list' function to stop meeting those leech again...

In the new event leech is everywhere.....

I understand some don't have their own mech but that's not mean they can give up trying and just leeching... 

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On 2020-12-19 at 2:58 PM, GkarB5 said:

I definitely agree that Necramechs need better options for replenishing energy too.  I should have included the topic of energy replenishment in my title for this thread.

IMO, a mech's 1st ability should heal it, and a mech's 3rd ability should do something like Spectrosiphon and make energy orbs drop (that, plus allow mechs to pick-up health orbs).

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