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I have not run a single Grineer mission yet, am I pissed off? You're damn right i'm pissed off.

But that's not gonna make me cave in and change sides. I know we're fighting a losing war but at least my integrity is intact

- Proud traitor to the Tenno

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I dont understand how people like detonite ampoules more than Fieldrons


A lot more to do with fieldrons

A lot of people prefer a blue potato over 100k credits at the start, and 4 RARE resorces over 100k credits for thenext 4 planets. (corpus offered credits)

So we lost a ton of Corpus supporters and now they don't want to lose leaderboards in grineer for those in the clans.



I haven't done a single corpus mission yet. 



You have a sure victory and yet you come here to brag. Show's us how "nice" the greedy Grineer slaves are. Get out of this fourm and go back to the side that offers better rewards.

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I will fight for that Detron!
I don't want to hold that bloody grineer turd in my hand when I can have that beautiful Detron!
We may be losing now, and may end up losing in the future, but I will continue fighting only for the corpus! For the Detron! FOR THE MOA!

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