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Can't log in ingame


Does anyone have any experience with this? I can log in on the official website just fine, but when I try to log in ingame, I get the "Check your info" error, despite using the correct e-mail and password. I did create a ticket, but it's been seven hours and I still didn't get a reply.

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Ciao Tenno! Innanzitutto Buon anno! 

1) Prova ad accedere con un account secondario, facendo attenzione alle maiuscole attivate. 

2) Aseptta per un tot lasso di tempo e riprova. 

4) Prova con la VPN, se non hai questa allora riprova a mandare il ticket aspettando circa 12h.

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1 check you password so it follows warframe account password rules website is less senstive to that then game clients.

and if use console then console pasword need apply the same rules sigh.

also empty you browse cache.

check your router logs for dos attacks / package smurf and such to see if some ip adress block you from connecting. in that case block those ip adresses.

to activate the account go account managment verfivy your email adress. this is the activation the game is talking about you need use an email adress that you own and use.

hope this stuff can help

not sure if it will fix it but there lots more situation that can cause your issue i just mentioned the most common ones that can cause this.



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