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Can't One See Any No Conflicts Right Now?


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I see, I read, I heard and I feel every single conflict happening right now, especially in my own country right now.


And for what reason why I have to hear people complaining about getting this, getting that.

And you know what, I am ANGRY.


So far, I heard in my country is about this town election, to see if that person fits well to the job, but then all I heard are advertising and conflicts. Mostly conflicts. Which includes hating people just to get the job that they actually wanted, and this includes a lot of cash which I always want to refrain from. Like being a this captain and junk, I don't really care about who's who will be the leader, as long as they treat people well. (Yes, I am a Filipino, and I am Proud to be one myself.)


And for what reason why I don't the cash right now? People simply fight for it. I mean come on, like animals in a zoo, people just yank their fingers to the eyes to get what they want.


Now I see this in Warframe, which is even worse that I, myself, could ever imagine.

Because, guys, please, THIS IS JUST A FREAKING GAME.


I see a lot of people, like some of you selfish poptarts out there, going AFK most of the time just to get the reward. What I see was like "Yeah, sure. I could go AFK, since people don't freakin' mind about me." Then once that is done, a lot of people flooding the forums like crazy, filling the entire forums with the exact same words, every topic, every post and it's all like "We want Grineer items, Corpus reward sucks!", "We want Corpus items, Grineer reward sucks!" It's always that same deal over and over just for three days so far. This is just similar about the conflict of two politic parties that gone wrong.


Because of this, good threads are ignored and are replaced with hate threads.




I am really tired of reading these threads about people complaining about mission-specific rewards. The good thing I simply agree on is 100 missions, within 5 days is TOO MUCH to do. And all the other faction-related posts are just simply annoying, why can't you people be more civilized, I EXPECT THE BETTER OF YOU PEOPLE.



Okay, I'm tired, so I'll stop by here. Don't expect me to reply on this thread.

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