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So far I have tested with at least 4 to 5 Subsume Abilities (Roar,Shooting Gallery,Energized Munitions,Defy's armor duration,Fire Walker)with Umbra. If you transferrence out of Umbra, any on-going abilities with a Duration Timer WILL BE CANCELLED,any buffs or any effects with a duration WILL BE CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY. I can see that this must be an unwanted side-effects from the old codes which prevents Umbra from using his Exalted Blade(technically an ability with duration tied to energy) while the player is in Operator Mode. I know not that many people still use Umbra and even decide to put any Subsume Abilities on him , and maybe this won't even get DE's attention but please, if you could DE, please fix this unwanted side-effects because having to recast a subsume ability which costs around 50 energy every time I transferrence out of Umbra is just .....unfair.
Here's an example video I have made as "proof" that the bug exists and it should be noticed by DE.


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