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Hide The Damage Numbers


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I really wish there was some way to hide the slew of damage numbers. With a few mods, you get a handful of numbers per shot, and when your gun fires 5 shots a second, the game looks more like first-grade math homework than anything else. I know many people like the numbers, but I find them really annoying. It's hard enough to understand what's going on when enemies are frozen, electrocuted and on fire at the same time. Either sum them up, or even better, hide them completely. I want to look at space ninjas and monsters and explosions, not spread-sheets!


This has bothered me when the game went Beta quite a while back, and I am astonished that this is still not an option. For some reason, everyone feels like they need to copy WoW.

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They're nice for hit confirmation but yeah an option to hide them, put them above the target (wow/borderlands style), and possibly add them together to one number would be nice, as long as it's an option (or multiple options).

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