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Item Tagging in Inventory [Suggestion - With Concept Screenshot]

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Here's a feature i always wanted, the ability to tag items based on what you'll do with them later. I'm currently keeping a text file with the names of items i'll craft later (trying to get other parts), and items i'll turn into ducats (i don't want to visit a relay inbetween opening relics just to turn them into ducats, i do that in bulk later). This is very impractical i think, having the ability to tag the items would be great! Here's screenshot i made showing how it would probably look like:


Another idea: The ability to tag the item at the reward screen of relic missions, basically you choose 1 of 4 rewards at the screen (assuming you're opening relics with a full party) and tick a box at the bottom corner to put a tag on it. So there is no need to open the inventory after every mission!

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