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Frame concept for an exalted hammer

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In warframe we have a good amount of exalted weapon types, but there are some that aren’t represented. Let’s change that. I feel like a new frame based on the Roman god Vulcan would be cool. This frame would show off the overwhelming strength of hammers on the battle field but the tactical mind of a engineer. When I think of the vibe of this I feel a molten lava vibe kinda like lava benders from avatar Obviously the fourth ability would be about their exalted hammer, I feel like the ability would be a hammer forged out of molten lava would be cool. I feel the passive would be magma rises, the more they use their abilities the more damage they do but with increasing energy costs until it “erupts” doing a huge amount of damage but in the process uses a good amount of energy. This is all up for debate but I feel a battle blacksmith or a volcanic hammer user would be cool or something to think about. A good idea for one of the abilities would that they summon a field of Molten rock in a shape (either a circle or cone casting from the warfame acting as a center point) any enemies in the area affected will be rooted by the cooled rock that is on their feet. Maybe instead of energy, the warframe uses the molten lava as energy, something like embers x. 

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I thought of more things
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