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(All Platforms) Gift of the Lotus Holiday Alerts: Dec 21 - Jan 4

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Good Yule and a happy New Year to everyone at DE and my fellow Warframe players. 🎅

I have been harsh over the years about the state of the game. But I have to say that I have had lots of fun this year. I have even had some fun in Railjack (probably because I reached a point where I can solo everything).

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5 hours ago, exturkconner said:

So no new Solstice skin this year? Seems like it'd been a perfect time to drop a mech one given we are all using them for the event this holiday season.

They gave new solstice skins after the community donated enough for charity. We got Skiajati, Acceltra, Kuva Solstice cloak and Frostfall ephemera.

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