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Can We Get A Little Clarification On The Win Condition For The War?


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So, the general assumption since day one with the first Battle seems to have been (at least in US East Region chat) that number of victories is what determines the winning side. Lots of references to the "ratio" at the end of the first day, ect.

Now, with the Corpus attacking and taking back a few systems the question is this:

Is the victory condition number of controlled planets in the Mars rail system or is it simply the ratio of victories to losses for each side? Is it something completely different?


My concern is somewhat that with so many people trying to only barely favor one side over the other a lot of people are going to get really pissed if the win-condition has been misinterpreted and they pick the wrong side at the end.

Full disclosure here, I'm supporting the Corpus. To me a few Tenno still in stasis doesn't trump the effects on everyone else of unchecked Grineer expansion. I mean hell, that one tile on the Derelict dumps probably 20+ Cryo Pods into the water every time I play.

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Those cryopods are empty if you look closely.


But yeah, I think it's the number of planet controlled, hence the double potatoes from Salad Five, because grineer are nearing 9 planets controlled out of 17.


Current score 8-2, barring a miracle it's soon going to be 8-3. If Ares, which is still somewhat undecided comapred to the other three, follow the current trend, it's going to be 9-3 in a couple hours, leading to grineer victory (unless Salad dump another potato for a grineer-controlled node and all the others).



My theory is that DE will try to balance the score to 8-8, then do identical rewards for Mars to avoid accusations of unfairness, leading to grineer victory anyway (see dual forma battle pay)

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They did full disclosure, the winning condition is the number of controlled nodes at the end. Right now grineer are up by 1. Even taking into account the current battles


Right, but nodes control means nodes controlled for this event? (Which makes current point 8:2, siding Grineers and supposedly 10:4 later, seeing that this will happen.) Or does nodes control means since the beginning? (Which makes it 7:6 atm, siding Grineers, according to wiki) Couldn't find the "source" wiki mentioned.

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17 missions available on Mars.

"War" being likely the last one since it IS a Corpus boss mission for that planet.


My guess? This is gonna go back and forth over and over and on Tuesday/Wednesday things will even out and both Alad and Ruk will speak out about some special last battle on "War". Even the name is perfect. Alad most likely cannot fight himself...he's pays and users others to do his fighting for him, that being said perhaps one big last battle where Ruk AND Sgt. Nef Anyo are on the field? Or possibly replace Anoy with Alads pet thing.

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