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Help my kuva stole my syandana!


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And on killing your lich (assuming you haven't done one since you didn't know you get your stuff back), you can usually get help in recruit chat just by explaining that you're needing help with it.  So long as you're putting up your missions, and stabbing your lich when it shows up, higher level players will usually ride with you just for the murmurs they get from your lich stabs and thralls, and you can get a carry to get rid of your lich.

As a high level player, assuming I'm doing my own lich, the only time I have an issue helping someone with theirs is if they refuse to stab their lich when it shows up.  If I've agreed to help, I'm going to kill your lich, it doesn't matter how much it levels up, so stabbing it only helps the squad and not stabbing it wastes perfectly good murmurs.

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