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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2

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1 minute ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Changed the height threshold for Necramechs to do the ‘hard landing’ behaviour to be much higher. This change was made because often you’d just hop on a flat floor and be stuck in the ‘hard landing’ behaviour animations which would disrupt flow. 


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5 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Operation: Orphix Venom Changes & Fixes:

Please allow the Sentient energy cores to properly and fully restore your Necramech's Health, Shields, and Energy. Right now, picking up the cores do nothing for them at all.

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  • Fixed lower-ranks of Transmutation Probe having longer Durations

So instead of bringing the max rank of Probe up to the 10s of what it previously was, the lower ranks are getting brought down to 3s duration. Interesting choice.

Thank you for the quick fix on catalyze, it was much needed and vastly improves his usability beyond simply QoL.

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