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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2

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23 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Reduced the bright screen range from the Orphix death to 25 meter range (from 120 meter). 

Why take away visual clutter when not a single Tenno has functioning eyes that can be damaged anyway?

23 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed being able to use a Warframe if you bleed out in the Orphix zone as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/kh7x8v/getting_revived_near_an_orphix_makes_your/


Now I won't get banned for breaking the game 😌

7 minutes ago, SaberSentinel said:

So nothing about the pitiful cell gain per time spent in this event? It really feels bad.

You have an entire month, just like Scarlet Spear, and this time no amount of poopsocking will let you get every single thing. Prioritize your wishlist.

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8 minutes ago, Julia_af_Scaniae said:

Can't you have a test server with all the old versions on it?

"Fixed an issue where Bonewidow could Grab the Exploiter Orb. Oh lord! "

I so want to see that bug...😆


11 minutes ago, Rishech said:

I want to see a footage of that so badly xD


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Just a reminder to patch the Unreal skins to not load the default stats for Drakgoon and Ogris on their Kuva counterparts. And possibly the Stahlta if there's an upcoming Queenpin version.

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Thank you DE, Unfortunately I have been experiencing some performance issues.

I run the game in 1920x1080p and an uncapped frame rate. (I have an rx580)

I have made sure that I have the latest drivers.

My graphics card will shut off at 90c. the temp usually is in the range of 60 - 75c

so it is not overheating, it just crashes

these issues started yesterday


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When will you guys fix the terrible, TERRIBLE reward gain for this event? Either reduce the cells needed for rewards or increase the cell gain. 

Scarlet spear was over 3 times more profitable than this event. I'm not saying they should be equal. But this is pitiful. People are already getting sick and tired of the grind, and it's barely worth the time spent. There's also no way to go past round 36 and profit from increased cell gains that way. 

Please address this issue asap. 


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vor 24 Minuten schrieb Kronos-Hedgehog:

Thanks for the fix.

Any Idea when the infested K-Dive components will be buildable? Still unable to build all components (except the Feverspine part)

you need to refarm, wasnt happy about it but ye

they didnt fixed the parts they created new ones like a day or 2 after the new k-drive release

the olds are just junk

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Thank you for the hotfix. I wish you guys and gals a merry christmas. Thank you for doing so much for us to make this beautiful, but also difficult time of the year more pleasant. The generous gifts of the Lotus, and also the experience booster, give us the opportunity to bridge moments of boredom while we are in lockdown. May God bless you, not least with health. 

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There's some really annoying bug that when you want to extract alone, the timer keeps resetting infinitely making it impossible to leave without aborting or convincing the three other people to go with you. Seen that happen to a teammate and now it happened to me.

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