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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.3

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2 hours ago, room199 said:

I assume with damage frame he means damage necramech in this case.

To make this event worth it in any way you have to play Endurance and aim to finish the max 36 rounds to get the max number of phasic cells - this will take you 54 minutes, and can net you around 2000 cells if you manage to get to each spawn spot immediately. For this you need at least 2 fully maxed out mechs, ideally 3, in the squad to be able to dish out the constant fire power you need. If you choose to go in only with the operator to deal with resonators, he/she will need an advanced focus loadout to be able to survive more than a few seconds in the bubble once you reach the higher levels. 

To buy all Lavos components with the rewarded cells will entail at least 5 hours of event grinding (perhaps quicker if rng drops favour you, but this is unlikely). If you also want the Cedo parts, add some more hours for that.

If you aim to grind for a maxed Arcane Energize, make that 6 hours of your life spent on the event. Well, at least it’s quicker than farming Tridolons.

Obviously DE are trying to motivate people to grind out their new necramech creations, to then be able to partake in the event. How many hours to farm and level a decent mech build? And once the event is over, what will the mechs actually be useful for?

Considering all this, I can fully understand it when people don’t see it worth their time to spend hours of their life to prepare for this event, and then spending more hours in the event itself, for a rewards-vs-time ratio that is only 1/3 of what it was for Scarlet Spear. 


So, not going to quote the counterpoint here, because it's the same arguments that are always used.  It's an event, it's better than RNG garbage, and it's just to test out a system (because apparently we didn't based upon the insane amount of changes these things required) are not valid arguments.


Now, let me agree with the assessment of time investment to rewards.  2k credits for grinding an hour.  Each piece of unique content is 4500 total credits (1500+3*1000).  This means the minimum engagement time is for 13500 total cells....rewarded at 2000 per hour....which means a minimum investment time of 7 hours.  Ouch.  The counter arguments are the random drop of items, at a rate of 2% or 4%, and the ability to grind your mech to increase its level.

Let's tear into this.  2% drop rate.  12 drops per full 36 run.  The math there is:

1-(1-0.02)^12 = 21.5%

1-(1-0.04)^12 = 38.7%

But it gets far worse.  What are the drop rates, factoring in rewards rotations.  B and C are where the new stuff drops.  This means 25% of the runs can actually drop something you want.  Wow.

1-(1-0.02)^3 = 5.8%

1-(1-0.04)^3 = 11.5%

That's immensely bleak.  Let's figure out that you want to do 8 hours of grinding.  Let's factor out the levelling of the mechs, because it's bugged.  That means your chances of getting random drops are:

1-(1-0.058)^8= 38.0%

1-(1-0.115)^8= 62.4%

Oh boy.  That means about 1 in 3 people will get the drops for the 2% chance, and 2 in 3 will have one for the 4% drop.  8 hours, and maybe you'll be able to shave that down to 6.  Of course, then there's the cosmetics.  The mech mods.  The litany of garbage relics that you can get after an hour with literally no new items rewarded sans the cells.  Oh boy, this math is making me hate the event, because it's a transparent face melting grind where they can claim the random drops of the desired rewards are a step forward, and  you can numerically see it's a poisoned apple.



But, let's be real here.  This is like the Profit Taker, right?  It's the first attempt at a new system, just like the atmospheric archgun summon.  

If this were a game of Yugioh (my apologies if that's spelled wrong, I didn't play) I'd be yelling that you've activated my trap card.  The fun bit here is that the mech were pushed out the door less than quarter baked.  How do I come to this statement?  12 slots, average mod cost in excess of 11 drain.  The math here is simple.  6*12>60.  This means that even fully forma'd the mech couldn't have a mod in each slot.  Regular frames get around this with an aura slot....but no dice on the mechs.  That required they add in the kuva style stacking grind....because why not.  I want to go through 210 levels just to get a fully powered mech....which actually amounted to 250 because you need 6 forma to slot a full mod in everything.  

So....what do we get?  Well, the event becomes about the new thing.  It reuses the assets from Scarlet Spear, but renames the units to seem different.  It retains the crap hitboxes, but because the mechs have no real scaling they're a frustrating mess that needs to be a team effort....but requires an hour to do in a game which is otherwise designed for "bite-sized" content.  Oh boy....it's like 2020 was the year of not learning lessons.



Now, let me offer one bit of praise, before I start listing off the bugs that I've had this week.  Bonewidow released horrible.  It's now viable, after the meathook got vampirism to keep it alive and the health damage to energy mod is a requisite.  It's almost like what I asked for a month ago, that the mechs don't have to compete with raw damage numbers but do have to compete in usage scenarios.  I don't believe that post this event Bonewidow will be used, because there's no enemies that are low enough level to be mech viable that actually favor high risk melee.  That said, it's like someone at DE actually read the post, and created this niche usage scenario where the melee disregards the garbage hitbox and becomes a vital resource.  Kudos.

Let me add one more bit of fun, that is neutral.  Profit Taker is actually tolerable with a mech.  Let me explain.  The mech summons works 100% of the time.  Point, spawn, become big dumb murder bot.  Fun.  This is in opposition to the archgun launcher, which locks you into an animation where enemies get to kill you for free, the ammo is not limited, and you literally don't have to worry about energy leeching or knockdowns.  This is fun.  Now, how did I learn this?  After two runs of Orphix Venom, and getting no affinity, I was frustrated.  Plopped onto Fortuna to try and earn some toroids, and discovered power levelling with the mission.  Toroid+debt bonds+credits = fun.  This is what I'd hoped for with this boss, where once the knockdowns are removed it's a frantic murder festival focusing on adaptation and teamwork rather than building the best Chroma team with an elemental loadout.  Maybe take notes from this, because it's genuinely fun and I'm about sure that it's not intended.  



Now....the problems.  Just this week, because I don't have a hundred pages.

  • Ayatan sculpture spawned on the corpus ship rework tileset extraction point (T shaped room with a display at the center that raises when you approach), and was off the map again.  This is now 6+ months of this frustration.
  • Railjacks are now made of quicksand.  Oh boy.  Run, and you remain on the level.  Stop moving and literally sink through the ship.
  • Railjack again.  The invincibility granted on boarding is no longer granted.  Twice in one mission I was killed in the animatic for boarding an asteroid base.
  • Railjack the third.   Sometimes blink just decides it doesn't want to work.
  • Orphix Venom....yeah.  Still losing affinity gains at random.
  • Arbitrations.  Yes, seriously.  Teammate died....and required a revive.  Not collection of 5 drone drops, a revive.  Ditto for my companion kavat.  What?
  • Speaking of broken mechanics, I was unable to jump in warframe.  Went to operator, and no issues.  Switched back, no action.  What?
  • Momentum.  This is a fun one.  Played multiple disruptions, and it seems like the demolysts now are 50% freight train.  They seem to have momentum at random, and despite Magus Lockdown tethers and Zenurick slowing blasts they can still travel 20-30 meters without stopping.  
  • Finally, let's talk Railjack one final time.  It's frustrating to have literally no open games in the Veil.  It's great that you added a "join any crew" option to overcome that....but depressing to need it (not to mention how often there are none).  My bet on why this happened?  Well, the very second the shields drop you have hull fractures.  Patch one, get even a bit of health damage, and another.  I cannot tell if this is a bug, or working as intended according to the updates you provided regarding the game mode.  I can only say that this progression feels like a bug, given the previously addressed frustrations with them constantly popping up and being addressed before.





I've done a lot to crap on the Orphix Venom event.  How would I fix it then?  I see two options.  In option one you acquiesce that the relic drops are crap.  In option two you stick to those guns, and double the reward rate for cells.

Why option one?  Remove 8 rewards, and you can triple the amount dedicated to new content.  This means you'll rather quickly make the drops in this thing about 4-5 hours of engagement to get the new stuff, but preserve the garbage ability to earn arcanes.  This is a game change which is meant to be much more beneficial to veterans, and it's being proposed because arcane market preservation...grumble...grumble.  I don't think that this is the ideal way to go, but it would make the event less frustrating for the veterans who already had the mech.  It's also simply a stopgap, and removing the terribly watered down rewards pool.

Why option two, and why the preference?  Well, garbage drops aren't new, and you're trying to normalize it further.  Remember, above is a 38% chance for an eight hour long grind to get the part you want.  If you're going to be so...frustratingly demanding for any rewards, then maybe it's time to just give more of the base currency.  This way that 8 hour grind is now 4 for the exact same rewards.  Why is this beneficial to the new and older players?  Well, choice.  Real choice, not the artificial BS that is being pedaled here.  If you give twice as much credits, the base grind is halved....but then people can get to grinding those arcanes.  That isn't a miserable experience to avoid, it's a reason to keep going.

Either way, we're two full weeks into this thing, and I'm done.  It isn't fun, it isn't rewarding, and it's lining itself up to be exactly like Railjack.  That is to say, Orphix Venom is a one time event to push things forward, it'll be another year before anything happens, and by the time it comes back around we'll have learned nothing.  That's frustrating.  It's frustrating not because of this event, but because these are the failures of Dog Days.  These are the failures of Scarlet Spear.  These are the failures of Arbitrations (saying this after a 40 minute grind where one shot kills took out 3.4 team members with full shields in 30 seconds because it's not about scaling difficulty so much as instant and unavoidable death).  I just want you to learn a lesson and make things rewarding.  Not rewarding in the last weekend.  Not rewarding eventually.  Just good from the word go.  While we are at it, good period.  Not good when compared to something even worse.  Yeah, looking at you Eidolon hunting.  420 average completions, 1260 eidolons captured, and 50% of people still won't have enough arcanes for one full of each legendary.


Maybe this needs to be another event where you go back, and double everyone's earned points.  It kind of seems like another Steel Path situation....though this won't have the fractional percentage of super grinders given the severely limited earnings potential.  

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27 minutes ago, vanaukas said:


DE even dropped 15 days of 2x affinity to help people to get their mechs more easily, I can't understand why someone that have easy access to previously "hell grind" content (because they de-dilluted the pool reward, made ISO vaults runs more easy, added arcana bounties if you have trouble killing mechs) still complains about needing to play the game in order to run missions efficiently. Because there is a huge difference on running efficiently and not being allowed to play it. Every person that did the Operation pre-requisites can play the mision, it's up to each one how they are going to farm. Even a full suad of under geared people can make a nice bunch of points, because as I've said, running till 36 is just for the score, but for farming cells up to 36 or 2k isn't efficient at all.

And it's not "if the ultimate goal"... It's the whole goal :facepalm:



I've limited your quotation, to try and make this clear.  Let me first explain where I'm coming from, so you can feel me.


The "Hell Grind," as you put it, is what I did.  What did that entail?  Well, multiple runs of Tier I-III isolation vaults.  6 mechs at a time, hoping for components to drop, accumulating the matrixes, levelling up with Loid, discovering all the fun of Scintillant farming, and then continuing this grind to get any of the mods necessary to make the mech viable.  I have over 30 weapons pods, 8 capsules, and 5 engines if memory serves...which indicates how lopsided the drops are for the components.


What I would tell you is that DE screwed up here.  I can summarize it without my opinion, and simply math.  6*12>60.  60 is my maximum capacity.  WTF?  At worst 5th grade math here.  That was our introduction to the mechs once they finally dropped.  You have a sub 1% drop rate for mods, and if you get lucky you can't even equip mods in all the slots.  Because reasons.

Let me then follow up.  Less than a 1% chance drop for mod.  Only dropped by the mechs.  Mechs could be broken by the fass/vome cycle, so you are artificially time bound.  F***!  This experience is garbage....and it took DE a long time to fix it.

Now, I saw every step of the way.  First, they fixed scintillant.  Next, they gave Loid a purpose to exist.  Finally, they split the vaults like I'd been requesting for two months.  Joy, it took two months before we could actually reasonably farm.  I say reasonably because it took me 8 hours to farm tier II and ties III stuff, and I earned more than 2k mother tokens.  It was rewarding, frustrating, a huge time sink, but it got me what I wanted.


Now, maybe you haven't gone back.  I worked with someone recently, and helped them farm up some stuff.  The rewards suck.  6 sporothrix receivers (no other parts), 9 of an arcane that needs 10 (malador), 3 and 4 or another, and 2 of one of the theorem arcanes which require 21.  Topping all of this off, the single damaged receiver and 200 mother tokens for 3 hours of grind.  3 hours.

So let me be clear.  Portions of this grind have gotten better.  Other can still suck the chrome off of a 1950's car bumper.  You seem to think everything is better, but it really isn't.


Regarding the rewards....how much do you play?  I ask because the rewards are based upon kills.  Kills ramp based upon levels.  The point to take away here is 12*3 kills doesn't yield the same points as 36*1 kills.  Yes, 18 kills doesn't offer 1000 cells, it's actually closer to 800 in my experience.  As such, there is a clear advantage to pushing toward 36 kills over any other count....because another miserable grind can be made slightly less terrible.




Now, let's talk the event.  Scarlet Spear had lots of bugs.  I don't remember a 55 minute mission yielding no intrinsics.  Not a failed mission, a 33/36 round Orphix kill mission yielded my mech going from 0-32-0-1.  I ended the mission with a level 1 mech....and this is a regular occurrence.  It's almost as regular as suddenly losing a bunch of affinity on other missions (a recurring mech issue).  Perhaps as bad as getting no glassmaker standing if you kill them in a mech on Orb Vallis.  

Yeah, Scarlet Spear was bad....it was also trying out a new system.  Despite this, you always got a reward for it.  Orphix Venom doesn't consistently reward affinity.  I've simply decided to do Profit Taker runs, because it consistently gives me affinity.  I can then grind two year old content, so that I can grind new content.  If the new feature you've been selling since Tennocon is mechs, mechs release very badly (and only 1/3 of the shown variants), the litany of fixes required for them is long, they keep breaking, and all of this is in service to see if things will work because you can't use your own test cluster...then why are you a games developer?  Seriously.  Cyberpunk 2077 is one, if not several, order of magnitude more complex than this game.  People are requesting refunds for it....but this is fine.  I feel like a meme.


So yeah, Orphix Venom is bad.  It's not something to qualify as "better than garbage."  This is something to call utter trash and be done with.  I applaud the fact that you can jump through hoops, twist yourself in knots, and justify why it's no as bad as...  The problem is that once you say "not as bad as" the conversation is not about good any longer.  A shot of vinegar is not as bad as a spoonful of lutefisk.  Yeah, this is a scandanavian a** phrase, but I spent time in Minnesota.  There are people out there that even like eating lutefisk.  That doesn't make it good.  It makes it something you like.

For those fortunate enough to never eat it, lutefisk is...inedible.  Fish gelatin is the best way to describe it.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutefisk  The gist is that you dry and cure whitefish in caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, or lye (all names for the same stuff).  It dries into a "preserved" state.  You then rehydrate before eating.  The smell.  Oh dear lord, the smell.  If you've ever smelt it you're already choking up a little bit, because you never forget it.  Why yes, line me up for that shot of vinegar.  White, apple, balsamic; it doesn't matter.  A shot of vinegar is unpleasant, but at least it isn't lutefisk.  None of this means vinegar is a good shot.

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5 hours ago, master_of_destiny said:


I have over 30 weapons pods, 8 capsules, and 5 engines if memory serves...which indicates how lopsided the drops are for the components.

Same, the lopsided drops are wearing me out, :facepalm:  I'm contemplating going back to normal Warframe for awhile, I have two Mechs fully built and leveled I've been trying to get the new weapon parts but the drops are driving me crazy. 

I've been running Acarna Bounties and Isolation Vaults solo for around a couple weeks lining up with the 3 hour rotation and still hoping for the parts to drop that I need, seeing the same mods and Arcanes popping up all the time is getting frustrating.

The Morgha, I couldn't get the last part the stock, a mate ended up gifting it to me, he said he's sitting on a ton of plat, I didn't want it I'm stubborn but excepted it and thanked him. (awesome weapon as well) (I still have not had the last part drop for the Morgha)

Mech parts, nice drop rates. :( 

  • 52 Damaged Necramech Casing
  • 06 Damaged Necramech Engines
  • 10 Damaged Necramech Pods
  • 32 Damaged Necramech Weapon Pods
  • 03 Damaged Necramech Weapon Receivers

Sporothix parts 5 Blueprints and 1 Barrel after weeks of running both types of missions. :(

Arum Spinosa 6 Blueprints and 3 Rivets, again drop rate RNG hates me.

I know DE lowered the drop rates because nobody wants multiple weapon parts but hell I'd like to see at least the ones I need after all this time.

/rant, that feels better.


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ability using prevented

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app not responding

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2 hours ago, kyori said:

So who provoked the other and started the fight first?

I don't believe it is actually a fight per se, but more of a vastly different perspective of each others view point of the state of the game. Apparently, there is no common middle ground between the two. Which is unfortunate.

Personally, I rather enjoy MoD's "essays". They are intelligent, well written, backed by facts, and convey a potential hope for improvement for the game we all enjoy playing.

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i did the first two levels of the event then noticed how much currency i gained... then basically just went screw this time = not respected

honestly i would rather do the ground mode of the last sentient event for 20 hrs than this

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6 hours ago, CouncilofTheSeven said:

So you have been with them for six years, so then you should be very aware how well DE listens and responses to feedback. You have stated they continued to make the sames mistakes over and over again. Which makes it rather obvious they don't care or they don't listen. You can write a nice well detail and informative post with positives as well as criticisms and know that DE is going to ignore you. :(

DE knows exactly what they are doing and know exactly what they can and can not get away with. Sometimes they go too far and we see some serious backpedaling. They are business they going to appeal to what they believe will make the most profitable. I do agree with a lot of your points, but as vanaukas put it check yourself how many times you are left alone "fighting" in these topics.

Also the length of ones post doesn't make a post less impactful or powerful than one that is long. Nor does it mean the person who writes three sentences put any less effort than someone who writes three paragraphs. A short speech can have just as strong of an impact.


To the points in order.  I am happy that people disagree.  I'm also happy when people can have a disagreement, and come to amicable conclusions.  I understand that some people actively enjoy what I do not...and it's why I have no issues when people say they like Arbitrations, the old grind through Steel Path, and even attempting to speed run eidolons.  "I like" is not a discussion, it's a statement of personal investment.  If it's ever been interpreted otherwise, I'm fine with admitting we have issues, and will gladly admit your feelings and mine can disagree.  I cannot agree with statements of fact. when the fact is an opinion couched as if fact.  "RNG is worse than low constant rewards" is not a fact, and DE disproved this already with Dog Days and Scarlet Spear.  Heck, they already had to massively backpedal with railjack costing and many other things.


That said, why am I the last person arguing?  Well, the 50% of the population that disagreed simply left.  I believe the culturally accurate, if anachronistic, phrase is "deuces."  I'm still fighting because I was on the other side.  I still like the game.  I wish it would get better.  Is DE stubborn?  Oh yeah..  I'm going to point to something fun here.  Before the Bonewidow changes were announced I suggested a lot of what we saw.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  I think it's DE listening, acting, and never lending any validity because unsurprisingly they don't ever have to admit they were wrong.  Read also, the Kuva weapon style levelling on the mechs, that DE stated would not appear elsewhere, but was suddenly a good idea after a lot of anger with the mod drops and capacity issues.

In short, I don't believe they are deaf.  I just think they're incapable of admitting wrong.  It's a decade of working with a chip o your shoulder...and that's expected when "you managed to defy all expectations and make a good free to play game the publisher turned down and claimed would fail."  It's not unearned ego, even if there are plenty of times where they cross the line and definitely are in the wrong.




Let me finally clarify a point.  Express to me a complex idea in two sentences.  I'll give you a few topics, so choose at your leisure.  US tax code, the rise of Amazon, universal healthcare implementation, or how a gun works.  I'll not wait, because my point is none of these things can be summarized in two sentences.  As a concession, I am choosing that last item as a lead in to my point.

Does this mean you need hundreds of words?  No.  What it means it that you have to provide enough to be reasonably understood.  

Let me put this into an example, citing how a gun works.  Powder in a bullet explodes, propelling it down a barrel.  The bullet then travels along a trajectory influenced by outside forces until it dumps kinetic energy by deformation or thermal energy transfer.  Now...what is useful about this?  Why use it as an example?  Warframe.  A sniper, assault rifle, and literally every weapon in this game not "space magic" or melee are guns.  In just this game the clip size, fire rate, damage types, effective range, status chance, critical chance, etc.... all are necessary to define that gun.

What discussion we are having is the Tigris Prime is better than the Vectis Prime.  That's the two sentence back and forth.  Neither and both sides are right.  Without whipping out a lengthy list of stats you can't really appreciate the values, and what usage cases there are.

If it isn't clear, I would like to write less.  More words are not better.  That said, when your opposition's point is RNG sucks more than low but metered rewards...well, you have to explain why bad and worse are not good.  


I take this as my value to contribute.  I've had my blind optimism stripped.  Maybe this time people will not repeat the cycle.  Consider this stupid optimism, because if I was truly practical I'd simply leave now....like all my friends did.  Nothing quite like cleaning a clan out of members that haven't logged in in 1000+ days to make you regret supporting DE.  I guess I'm just hoping for more.  Maybe some of those "newer" member that haven't logged in for 400+ days will come back.

Jebus.  I sound like an abused spouse in a Lifetime movie.

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Some people seem to not get the frustration.  People are leaving.  DE has literally had two years of bad financial performance.  This is backed up by the Leyou performance data, and the steam chart data:

December 2020 35,990.1 -3,924.0 -9.83% 70,305
November 2020 39,914.0 -1,384.8 -3.35% 68,553
October 2020 41,298.8 -15,032.1 -26.69% 69,891
September 2020 56,330.9 -3,298.2 -5.53% 90,316
August 2020 59,629.0 +20,243.9 +51.40% 154,246
July 2020 39,385.2 -5,445.2 -12.15% 58,719



Maybe you don't work for a company that is very big, or one that's too big to care.  DE isn't either of these things.  They need somebody to point out issues, because two years of financial decline indicate something rotten that maybe they can't see themselves.

But please, ignore.  Make a facile point about something completely different.

For those too lazy to go back, I'll summarize.  I stated that I wasn't downloading and installing Epic, because the software sucked and I didn't want the Chinese government to have even more data about me.  I got a wall of people rushing to defend DE, and call me an a** because I was just too stuck in the past.  I didn't say that people shouldn't, never stated that anybody was less for doing this, and still the hate and salt flowed....hence my "last defense" status.  Apparently "I'm not" means something new....and I can only assume that the analog in regular English is something like "I will burn down your house, eat puppies, punt kittens across a stadium, and somehow believe you are the devil despite literally stating that I know this is a push from Ten Cent rather than anyone at DE's genuine choice and thus was assigning no blame to DE."


Man, the kittens thing is about right.  That's because they always seem to draw first blood.  Everything else there was projection so hard that the residents of Alpha Centauri asked to have some privacy returned. 



So....how are those skins working?  Still screwing up weapon stats?  Was it worth it?  What about paying for Mixer to get Ash Prime and a color pallet?  I know the second round of Amazon Prime gave a final item as broken, because the visor and mask are in the wrong categories and thus incompatible with any other cosmetics.  That is, if you unlink and relink your account.

Yeah.  Instead of giving people a "free" gift while paying for an outside service maybe you can just do some bug stomping.  Warframe deserves to be better, and you should value yourself more.  I'd love to pay DE to release a good game (like I used to), but they're already releasing at next-gen console game prices....and delivering in a year less than No Man's Sky, Terraria, and maybe only competing with Slime Rancher.  I can literally buy all three games for less than a Prime Access.  Ouch.

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Please, before you add Corpus Railjack, New War Chapter, and Duviri Paradox this year:

Replace the flying capture target in the Jupiter Gas City tileset. He becomes a buggy mess when he gets knocked in the air. 
Fix the fish behaviour and fish baits in Cambion Drift. Flagellocanth especially, it has a broken hitbox, it hears the silent spear Ebisu, and evades as soon as your spear hits it.
Remove the blinding flashbang at the start of every single mission, ESO zone change, and when you enter a relay.
Remove "change of plans" - it's when Capture becomes Exterminate. 

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I just passed by and figured it out that Octavia prime hasn't been announced so is she gonna be out when the event end ? or we have to wait longer ..... sad tenno noises

( sorry my english is really awful)

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As a member for 5 years playing, I have been quite disappointed these past 2 years. Simply being I have not had fun and have not enjoyed the game as I used to. 
In details, enjoy the power surge you get in the game and such through tons mods and such I have, but please look through my eyes for a moment. As a veteran, Mastery Rank 27 halfway to 28, I have not recently seen anything that says veterans welcome. The things that were supposed to be veterans we appreciate you were nerfed and then were handed off and forced into the arms of new players. I speak about Fortuna, Deimos, Necramechs, Railjack, Helminth and story. I leave this up to everyone to decide what is veteran and such but I deem end game at MR 16-18. MR 20 plus is just icing on the cake. But that is purely my opinion. Fortuna was interesting but the amount of newer players or players with okay equipment and mods suffered extremely. Orb Mother fights were not fun solo and more so time consuming and painfully buggy. Much time has passed and the 3rd Orb Mother fight has been delayed with no light at the end of the tunnel for the fights being polished or the 3rd Orb Mother fight arriving.

Deimos and Necramechs were their own stale taste. Deimos being extremely buggy and feeling like a copy paste of about 1/10th of Orb Vallis and reskined. The expectations for ranking up with Entrati and Loid were not just stale but had a feeling like we were expected to do the same exact things we have been doing for open world with the exception of "we want you to roll that slot machine on rng." This with the an enormous amount of stuff you needed to level up was not only shocking but lacking of imagination or creativity. Aside from a lot of small things I didn't like, Deimos didn't feel interesting. In all honesty, I just wanted a mech because they looked cool which also is my next point.

Necramechs were at best a terrible buggy enemy of a mess. They were way too imbalanced and had too many bells and whistles, fighting them without specific warframes just gated entire missions. Shutting down operator usage by bugging out operators and having crazy damage thankfully gated it off from new players but in end game became a copy paste of people you would see running them. On paper I can see what DE was going for but it was too basic and the lack of diversity in the missions made them increasingly boring, not to mention the non existant drop rates for parts and mods for those things. Then DE repeated the same bugs with not just Voidrig but Bonewidow and some weapons causing much distress and leaving a salty feeling of disrespect in everyones mouth from DE's poor decisions and repetition of game destroying bugs. 

Nothing that was promised with Railjack actually became a reality other than it came out. As crazy as that sounds you can go to their stream of what they promised with Railjack being a thing. Stupidly ambitious and yet all they did was make the Orokin Dax Warship go from one end of the factory floor to the other and then called that a success. Everything that was promised, out the window and all our worries of missions being the same thing became reality. With the painful nerf to Itzal that in DE's eyes was "necessary" instead of scaling Odonata and Elytron better, the decided to make Itzal worse. If you were one of those people who liked Valkyr's grapple and thought you could do it with the new Itzal, you are so wrong, that new ability grapple with itzal sends you into asteroids and then back where you came from rather than getting you anywhere. Funny, the asteroids taste like salt and I cant tell if that's my imagination or the blood for smashing my face into an asteroid with this useless ability.

Helminth was kinda sad. End game veteran stuff, nerfed so new players had access to watered down abilities. Let me explain, that helminth eats a ton of resources and rare ones at that. The required Mastery to gain access to this was nerfed from what I deem veteran or endgame to like new player in one week can use this. The huge nerf to abilities and such I understood but the axe to other abilities was just way too much. It left me in an awkward spot due to Helminth not being amazing but the fact that I was going to transfer at most 6 abilities. At best they were watered down and felt stale but kinda useful. 

To nail the coffin in for my whole time playing this game, currently 3,738.2 hours on steam, I haven't seen any real progress story wise in a very long time. Instead we are given Operation Scarlet Spear and Operation Orphix Venom are just fake teases at what is to come. DE's streams are brainless at best delving into sound design for 90% of the stream. I don't know anything about sound design, I don't really care about sound design. Im a consumer of the product and I want stuff to sound good. Spending 90% of your streams by going into detail about it is unnecessary. Sure a friend explained some of it to me but they work in that field and summed it up to me as, "They are pretending to sound smart and make the game seem cool and technologically advanced when in reality that's just basic stuff." He put down the terms and stuff for me and I felt insulted, DE's streams were just filler content as well. Previewing so few things and touching on so few comments about the horrible state of their game and lack of real game progression, I felt insulted for the time I spent enjoying their game and the people I helped and new people I got to teach the game to. 

I feel after everything I have been give a sticker that says, "Welcome to the stage of go find another game to enjoy." Warframe actually runs like crap on my PC and my PC is very basic but since Deimos launch, its been chugging. Ive run crazier games than warframe yet this game makes my PC sound like a factory making cars. The visual bugs are making my eyes hurt and what I got from DE just told me to deal with the bugs. DE fired back at the players with no Dev bashing, but in reality its just harsh constructive criticism on problems they are not learning from. It isn't hard to go through forums and read all the crap people throw at you, but it takes a strong will to read everything even the most volatile stuff and find people who are sad and wish to enjoy the game and simply aren't. I am not fond of excuses. 2020 sucked I get it but there are enough issues that don't pertain to the year that I just wont take any excuse from DE nor will I put up with it. At best I'll go play other games and log in just to get my bonus login reward. I'll be posting screen shots as a little show of my squads play time. Other then that, I hope you reader understand that I am just sad and cannot truly recommend this game anymore. Stuff needs to be fixed, filler doesn't hold the stomach, and faking it till you make it does not hold the player's attention forever. To you lovely people, if we find each other in warframe or another game, I hope you enjoy yourself!

From top to bottom: My two friends that play and then me on the very bottom. Just a show that we actually play the game quite a bit. Me being the dumb dumb and playing the most. Lazy crops but I dont care at all lol.



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Also for those not aware of what's going on here, this event is a test for DE to see how overpowered mechs are in normal missions. After the event they will crunch the numbers and determine how to 'balance' them for use in normal missions. They won't be as good as they are now, trust me.

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Back to Leaderboards :) Ok DE recently wiped all with points over 50k. Good. But tell me pls how some can get over 22k (ok 25k to round up) in limited time (36 Orphix) mission without exploits??? So wiping few ppl with points over 50k is close to nothing.........

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