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This is not acceptable! Master 28 test.

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This is among the craziest I ever has witnessed in gaming from my part...

You gets lulled by every times when you practices on that test, I completed my very first time on that test with 2 or 3 drops remaining...Guess what happened during the actual test?

*Very low/slow spawn rate.

*Non aggressive enemies, they just stands still! Enemies pursues you like crazy during the practices.

*Ultra-long distances between every drops with so little enemies around it, and no time remaining.

*Aksons near almost every drops. You had to have Primed Sure Footed installed, otherwise you're doomed then.

*The throwing animation is too long and very bugged! Plus there're a lot of cracks on the arena, so some of them will just disappear into the oblivion then!

I have +2 in sprint with my frame and that +30% jump mod, yet not enough, especially when it's like 130-180m on almost every drops and with virtually zero enemies around it!

I practiced again today, and cleared it with one drop remaining and like +5 more blue enemies remaining, and then during at the actual test....just 42/60! Since the enemies spawns a lot less on the qualify compare with the practice, plus the distances between the drops suddenly becomes 2x-4x longer on almost every drops...This is really pathetic! I sees that this problem has been staying in ages now... Too many mastery tests are waaay easier on the practices than the actual qualify tests, like test 27 which enemies also spawns a lot less there than during the practice. I cleared the practice with more than 1 minute remaining, while on the actual test in just matters of seconds!






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I agree with you.

Plus on PC the throw mechanic switches at random. Sometime it is the "B" key and next time it may be the center mouse key. 

The throw animation is slow enough that you may be killed before it bursts, if the canister hasn't disappeared or fallen through the map.

In my case, I find that the Mastery tests are the most difficult missions in the game. It is disappointing that such an important part of the game doesn't work

properly. I realize that there are many good players that complete this test with no problem. I watch their videos and see that their experience in the game has given

them skills that let them bypass the broken mechanics of the mission. Their success doesn't excuse the broken mechanics. 

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MR28 wasn't that challenging. Some might complain it was too easy, in fact.

It's not that difficult, with any frame, to get a group of enemies together and throw the canister into it.

I beat it with Mag Prime after only two practices. I used Magnetize mostly. If she can do it, any frame can!

Saying that the game doesn't work isn't an acceptable excuse, it's complaining. The point of the mastery tests is to challenge you and make you rethink your strategies if something is not working for you. 74 frames in this game - every single one of them can complete this challenge with ease.

...and it obviously works because you have two MR30's telling you it works fine. 

Best of luck!

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