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Excalibur melee rec



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At mr5 every weapons are good. Especially if you're still using excalibur and about to change to rhino.

Just optimize your mods. Put pressure point in that thing. If it have pretty good critical chance, put true steel. Experiment with combining elements so you'll have corrosive, radiation, magnetic, or viral instead of the basic heat, cold, toxin, or electricity.

Best of luck, tenno.

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On 2020-12-23 at 10:36 AM, YuriTs said:

I wanted to ask what would be a good melee damage dealer weapon to Excalibur 

You shouldnt get used to availble weapons for now. Most of the are MR fodder and should be ranked up to 30 and sold for credits or crafted into other weapons. Many have prime or wraith variants you will eventually get. 

https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank if u scroll down on this site there is an Equipment unlock section.

MR5 and below Tipedo and Atterax are pretty good, but you likely do not have slots/mods/potato to make them shine. So I wouldnt get them yet. Atterax maybe because it doesnt have prime variant (Tipedo does) and can do end game stuff.

On low levels any melee weapon used with Heavy Attack is insane. It doesnt really matter what weapon it is.


Also Excalibur relies heavily on his Exalted Blade which you mod separately.

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