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Void Keys/drops Are A Horrible System...


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Had a discussion with my friend, he and I are very low on Void Keys and we want to do Void Stuff, because we're still missing a lot of weapons out of there (and of course Mag Prime, wish I was able to get her before they made T3 Survival so Ridiculous by forcing you to wait 15min).




There's 2 ways to get keys: Xini or Survival.


I was excited at first when I heard that Survival guarantees a Void Key in a run........oh wait, you have to do 15min to get the key. I was kinda "meh" about that; I could go to Boring but Productive ole Xini and get keys fairly regularly, or I could go to Survival and get keys that way.


Doing Survival is a lot harder -- enemies are tougher, there's a lot more heavy units, and I could potentially do 3 Xini Missions in the course of 1 Survival.....


Oh, and did I mention that I've seen quite a few Tier _ONE_ Tower Keys from Survival? Seriously? I spend 15min in a mission and I get a stupid T1 key for all that work?


Meanwhile, over at Xini, it is mostly T3 with a few T2 thrown in. If I want T2, I can go to a Defense that normally drops them, or if I actually wanted T1, I'd do a T1 Defense (Kiliken usually), and lemme tell you... fighting small waves of Lv10 Corpus is FAR easier than doing 15min Survival. Sometimes I could do 4 Kilikens in the time it takes me to do one 15m Survival, and it is very rare that 3 Xinis or 4 Kilikens will fail to produce at least 1 tower key. Usually get 2+.


And then when I DO get a Tower Key..... oh wait, its the wrong key yet again. ugh. Because each section of the tower drops SPECIFIC stuff, you need SPECIFIC keys.... and there's no way to make sure you get the right keys. Want Mag Prime? Good luck getting ahold of a T3 Survival key (not to mention how ridiculous 15m T3 Survival actually is).


So... to actually get an item out of the void, you have 3 nested RNGs...


1). Did the Defense mission drop a key?

2). Is the Key the right key?

3). Did the Void Mission give you what you needed (because yanno, the good BPs only have like 11% drop or something like that, assuming they aren't borked).


We need.............something to make this better.


The RNG is ridiculous. 15min Survival by itself is ridiculous, that's not even counting the RNG involved in it, and the sheer work it takes to get the keys in the first place, the fact you can get the wrong keys, etc.


So, suggestions....


1). Tweak Void Survivals. Make it 10m instead of 15m.

2). Make keys drop at 10m instead of 15m.

3). Double Survival's speed: o2 drains 2x as fast, rewards every 2:30, enemy levels rise sharper, more enemies spawn.

4). One Key Fits All system: Just have Tower 1, Tower 2, Tower 3 keys and when you use a key, you get a Void Map that shows you a large Orokin Ship with mission nodes ontop of it. Pick the one you want to run (do the same for Derelict, minus Lephantis).

5). Clean up the Void Drop Tables, T3 missions should not be dropping stuff you get commonly from T1 missions, etc.

6). If DE is unwilling/unable to do #4, then make it so that EVERY MISSION in the game can drop a key, straight up 25% chance or some-such of dropping a key of the same mission type. Do a Capture? 25% chance you'll get a Capture Key. Do a Mobile Defense? 25% chance of a Mobile Defense key dropping at the end of the mission. Tier depends on what level mission it was.

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I read that they added prime rewards on 5min and 10min and even 20+ min mark on Void Survivals.

you want a void key from the void key? Like mission reward? If they do that, Dilute the reward table even more, I think an angry mob with torches and pitchfork would appear right infront of DE's office.

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I'm very very slowly working on getting 10 of each tier of each key. Don't talk to me about a hard goal when it comes to void keys thx.


I do agree on the survival part thou, 10 min is enough for a T1 key especially since I lost like 5-10 T1 keys when the survival rewards weren't given out after a revive from death!

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