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Misc Missions Black Boxes/Full Screen Issues

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Ever since the most recent update on Nintendo switch I have been experiencing an issue that has happened to me in multiple missions, different tilesets, different planets.

I will either have flickering boxes of various sizes (sometimes 1/8 to 1/2 the screen) or a full screen blackout.

I wasn't able to get an image of the flickering boxes and unfortunately you can't capture video on the switch with Warframe, the boxes are extremely disorienting and usually last through the whole mission with brief pauses.

I was able to screenshot the full screen blackout which is more rare but also occurs. It lasts about 10 seconds and then either starts flashing black squares or goes back to normal.h7k9ivY.jpg

I think it's also worth noting that I was playing with a friend in a voice call when this happened and he experienced the same issues at the same times I did so I know it's not isolated to my system, it has to be something with the game itself.

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Added note about other people experiencing it simultaneously
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