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The Little Blue Bot That Could...


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So I mentioned this in a thread last night, but I thought I'd share the story in General to fish for similar stories.


The whole Enemy + Player vs Enemy thing can cause a lot of awesome and unique situations that you've never seen in Warframe before (and I daresay I hope we'll get the chance to see similar in the future!).


I'll start off with my story:


I'm a Corpus supporter, and I was doing one of the higher-level runs (I forget which). I was Solo and I was playing Rhino. I had killed a few Elite Lancers in a room, and came around the corner, and there was an Eviscerator in front of me and he immediately locked on to me and started unleashing his torrent of whirling blade death and I started pumping lead into his head.




Uh, crap. My Soma is out of ammo. I'm in the middle of a huge room with very little cover so I start running to the side while reloading my Soma. That's when I see blue on the edges of the screen and then a second later, red. I hit the 2 button and I hear a "BEEP BEEP!". I'm out of energy... okay, that blows. I'm probably going to die, I think.




He bowls over, grabbing his stomach and then he starts stumbling around almost like he's dancing for the few seconds it takes me to reload my Soma. I finish reloading, aim, and blow the guy's brains out and I turn around, and there he is.


My Little Blue Friend, the Railgun Moa.


Thanks, buddy!


He stood there for a second, and then jogged off to hassle another Grineer somewhere while I looked for energy orbs to re-do my Iron Skin....


Anybody else got any little funny stories like this?

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I have one.


Me, Vauban, and Napalm, ruining Corpus. We have about 10 Teslas on this Napalm, and I am switch teleporting him into crowds.


We ended up getting a Trinity to join who would use Well of life to heal him.


I brought that Napalm all the way to the end, and then we departed.

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i got one. while a friend of mine and i were running grineer invasions for the grineer, my friend gets down and there's a good huge handful of corpus, techs and moas and shield buffing osprey covering them. and all the while i was getting my friend up, there were about 4 heavy grineer units standing between me and my friend and certain humiliating death, while the rest of the grineer zerg rushed the corpus, and the heavy units used their bodies to prevent any stray shots from hitting my friend and i, and only moved away when i had gotten him up!

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We had a Grineer Roller follow us dutifully for four tiles - he just chugged right along, stunlocking things that we passed by.  We didn't miss a couple guys because we were constantly like "Where'd buddy go?".  Go back, look for him..."Awww, he's got a MOA stunlocked in the corner."  Kill MOA. "Come on little guy, let's roll..."  Get it, roll?  Damn I'm clever.

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So there I was on the sniping with my Latron on the upper part of the tile where the Corpus and Grineer sides meet on the invasion map, I was wondering why the MOAs, Crewmen, and Osprey around me were all shooting like madmen only to realize (being the blind idiot that I am) that they were actually DEFENDING ME from a Grineer Heavy Gunner that I didn't notice was behind me.


By the time I turned around and saw the dead Grineer Heavy I was all "Damn..........they saved my life"

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