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Make A Separate Sub-Forum/thread For Events.


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I know that there is a suggestion for a sub-forum for events already, but reason for another thread is

1. I agree with the thread situation and

2. It's a separate issue.

The suggestion for a sub-forum for in-game events is fine.

However, I would like to suggest a second thread for submissions/discussion for forum events. When all the discussion/submission of an event is all being monitored by one thread, it gets really hard to sift through the info I want, perhaps an ambiguity of the rules. Not surprising, the recent "Screenshot Event" had some controversy, and I'm sure a lot of people didn't know how strict(or not strict) the rules are.

tl;dr, make 2 threads for forum events please. 1 for submission, 1 for discussion.

PS: Maybe give rewards to everyone who participated like...potatoes :P Jk. I'll be happy with Morphics already.

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I agree. There needs to be an Events sub category that contain subforums for each event just like Feedback, Recruitment.


This should also help out the people at DE when they want to look at threads relating to a particular event. e.g. the current event threads would all be in Forums > Events > Gradivus Dilemma

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