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Orphix Venom Trophies

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Ok so almost a week has passed since the operation has been added and my taught:
- 2 Moon clans, 8 Mountain clans, 20 Storm clans, 70 Shadow clans and 1000+ Ghost clans achieved the highest ranking so far according to the leaderboards.
Considering the higher tier clans may have inactive players and not all of them has the maximum amount of players possible I don't see why the original formula of:
Ghost - baseline, Shadow - baseline * 3, Strom - b. * 10, Mountain - b. * 30, Moon - b. * 100 has been changed to make it harder for bigger clans.

The above table wouldn't be bad if you would made the mission truly endless and not cap it at 36.

So please take it into consideration to remove the endurance run limit or lower the clans point requirement for the trophies (except Ghost).

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Those points are already based from 50% of clan members, so lowering them mean they can just giving it for free without any effort

Im in Shadow clan with 29 members, but most active is like 10 and we are 5k away from Gold, so i think these points are pretty reasonable for event that last 30 days

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25 minutes ago, PETI258 said:

The above table wouldn't be bad if you would made the mission truly endless and not cap it at 36.

Do you remember that message at the end of the hour where it would be telling you to take a break and stretch?  

Do you remember Brian Vigneault?  What about Hsieh? Or Piyawat Harikun?  How 'bout some of these people

Until such time as people can prove themselves responsible, then we're going to have game developers stepping in and playing mommy to tell you to take a break and stretch...  

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big clans should just lower their tiers then. if players aren't helping then why keep them? that's the reason i went from shadow to ghost since i was the only player left and was not into recruiting people. made the support ticket to convert me into warlord since the actual ones weren't active. 

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The consideration was already made though?

If a clan does consist of 50% active players then they all only need half a endurance run worth of points which is incredibly easy to achieve. A Moon clan only needs about 230 players  (of their 1,000 max) to do a full non-optimized endurance run to get gold. If they can't pull that many players together for a full run then they should have downgraded to Mountain as they would still be below the 300 player cap for it.

This isn't the first non-endless event that has worked its scoring this way and honestly this is a far better representation of a "clan" score. It makes no sense for a group of hundreds or even a thousand people to get the best "participation" trophy or get top in the leaderboards all because 10-20 people did multi hour long runs.

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