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Unable to hear character voices

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I am not able to hear voices that are transmitted to me (little box with character such as lotus that pops up with dialog.) nor any voice from my operator when I try to choose my operators voice. I can hear some voices during cutscenes and Nora's dialog over the radio when I am standing in the cockpit, in from of the Nav. I have made sure that all my audio sliders are all the way up, I have made sure that my PC's audio is working properly, I have verified and optimized my download cache, and I even reinstalled Warframe, and this problem still persists. any help past the trouble shooting I have done would be much appreciated, Thank you.

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If you are still having this issue, in the Audio options make sure that all the volume sliders are set to 100% on. And also make sure the "Enable Hint Transmissions" slider is off.

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