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It would be cool if the players who, according to the results of the mission, take the first place in the category, were given bonuses. For example, top kills, top damage, least damage taken. The bonus could be some credits or kuva. It would bring in some thought of competition, excitement, or even motivation. It is not necessary to give a very large bonus, but as a nice addition. How is the idea?

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38 minutes ago, Cloud said:

That would kill coop and turn WF into a single player online game which already partially is.

There is no way DE would implement this incentive system but, even if they did the rewards wouldn't be worth it. People would rage because xXx_420_YOLO_69_xXx got 200 endo for getting most damage in a mission when they only got 100 kuva for highest accuracy. 

They would be getting more stuff than normal but it would never be enough because someone "beat" them. 

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