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5 interesting ways to keep Warframe fresh and interesting

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Dear DE,

Love you game and want to see certain features elaborated on. I believe we have enough from you guys already but we don't have elaboration on the overall story and aspects essential for vets and new gamers to live and desire continuous gameplay.

Here are ideas:

1. Have a Dante's Inferno circle of hell system for your story. There should be a campaign associated with everything from day 1 of Warfarme in menu screen showing a category section quest/campaign. As soon as a player check the Quest or Campaign, far they have progress should be seen for the level section of the hell circle ( in the case of Warframe solar system planets).

2. Bosses should die in a campaign permanently and not allow you replay them because they are dead but due to a crystal that respawns them nearing the center of hell, they come back. Once that crystal is destroyed player never have to fight them again unless they are helping new clan members.

3. Each level of hell ( or in this case each area of space) have location maps where players fight through strongolds before reaching a boss. Once that boss is dead proceed to the next stronger obstacle either a large scale battle or an infiltration into the ruler of the part of hell compound (in Warframe that should be a headquarters military facility or central tower (towers should feel like tower. There should feel a feel of elevation before reaching the top)

4. Once a ruler boss is dead that area should be guarded with npc soldiers and commanders (like an indicator that you complete that area) The tenno then proceed further into hell to the next stronger level of hell. Here the same happens but how you make players complete objects should be different. Obviously there must be a big payoff for each boss and a dramatic moment before fighting each boss.

5. Lastly the big bad at the end of this story need a special sword to defeat. To li erate the origin system something special is needed to take down the final boss  (Hunhow himself or another pulling his strings) at the center of hell. This last fight.must be special in mission type and level type and as a default needs an epic siege  battle or something similar with another event going on at the same time (a huge throne room fight as great as or better than th e baddest boss fight in Dark Souls)

After the campaign is over the origin system returns to normal but threats are always hidding and plotting (the can be all the future projects you want to do but haven't yet)

Note: As stated before the codex is okay to see what you've completed but it doesn't feel like a campaign menu. It just feels like log.

Note2 : In Warframe players should fell like they are getting stronger but not as strong as everyone else due to mods. That takes away the adventure of earning battle scars. At the same time it shouldn't take new players or older players forever to get there either.



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I am getting the distinct impression you want to play an entirely different game instead of Warframe but figured asking the developers of a free-to-play game to make their game more like the game you actually want is a better alternative to buying that other game yourself or waiting for the sequel to said game to be made.

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