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Question About Potatoing Weapons



I have few weapons in mind which I want to "upgrade" or put a potato in them and I only have 2 potatoes.
1st is the Soma - I find it a rly useful rifle though without upgrade its damage output seems kind of low against lvl 40s (tried that - I got no problems doing 35s though)
2nd is the Twin Gremlins - thinking of getting them soon and I see loads of people using either them or Despair (which stalker keeps only for himself after so many kills)
3rd is Despair (if Sally the stalker is kind enough to drop it for me)
4th is the Flux rifle - rarely see people using it but some say it is good
5th is the Ogris - not to mention why.
6th - Which weapon is best for a sentinel so I can know in the future which one to potatoe.

My question is which of these weapons is worth to upgrade because I don't know when I will find another catalyst.

Thank you in advance for the future replies!

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Soma is a beast, it's a sure potato, it mods into a critstick.

Twin Gremlins are good, not sure about the raw stats but I like them.

Similar with Despair.

Flux is awesome, at medium to short range, has a range limit which past it's useless.

Ogris is a heavy hitter, a bit too heavy if you accidentally fire it too close.

Sweeper imo, it's a really high dps shotgun, and since I don't carry shotguns I can slot in all the best mods without having to have doubles.

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Despair is much better than Gremlins, imo. It competes for best non-Acrid sidearm, while Gremlins are basically a lazy-man's akbolto.


Soma is one of the best primary weapons. Highest single target DPS (but also highest ammo consumption)


Top 3 sentinel weapons are the Deth Machine Rifle (single target dps), the Sweeper shotgun (best burst at close range) and the Djinn's Stinger (Armor Ignore and higher dps than Deth but misses a lot on moving targets)

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I'd say definitely put one on the Soma, that thing was torture to level up without one because of its initially low damage and ammo economy, as for the rest it seems more like a matter of which you prefer the most (or in the case of Despair, how willing you are to wait for Stalker to drop 'em).


Also I think the Sweeper and Stinger are considered the top two sentinels weapons, I'd personally supercharge the Sweeper, but I don't own Djhnn or the Stinger so I can't vouch for it.

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Pretty sure you should potato your soma given the list you have listed above.


Rather than Twin Gremlins, get yourself acrid or patiently farm stalker for despair, if you can't, well stick with TG for now.


Get flux rifle if you can, try it out and compare with soma on how well it performed for you.
For me, having a 5 forma flux rifle and 3 forma soma, i found out that soma performs much better.

But it is pretty fun to have flux rifle because you can just hold down the left mouse and just swing your mouse around to kill your enemies.


For sentinel's weapon, probably the shotty. You can google it up or watch at youtube of how strong it is if it is well modded.


So yeah, just my 2 cents.

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