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Looking for suggestions, on non-toxic creators.

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22 hours ago, TheGuyver said:

Last warframe video he made was lifeofrio levels of cringe.

Funnily enough, I call him "Son of Mogamu" in my head.

For the rest, I really only stop to watch Shy, Rahetalius, Layzar, and Tactical Potato and each of them have been critical to differing degrees.

I'd say Rahetalius is, easily, the most vocally critical of that group but I haven't seen many instances where the criticism wasn't completely warranted either. 

I think warranted criticism is different from some of the venom I am hearing about from other youtubers.

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1 hour ago, GEN-Son_17 said:

100% spot on and this is why I get frustrated when people defend these content creators. This year has seen people accept irresponsible rhetoric with horrifying results. In gaming, youtubers have gone so far as to judge games without even playing them! Heck, Warframe youtubers openly state they haven't played in years but feel express their "freedom" to speak on the game as representatives. 

That is not a freedom and should not be defended. They should be subjected to slander laws honestly because it can unjustifiably cost devs their jobs based on nothing but false but widely publicized lies...disguised as "content". Rio is the worst of the worst at this because he openly calls for devs to be fired. He doesn't play the game nor even understands what the direction of the game is but feels absolutely compelled to dream up his own version and demand it be made true, or else. All because raids and an endgame (he accepts) are not in the game. Outta here with that child stupidity.

Jim Sterling made a massive boo-boo this year. He reviewed a game based on a beta, a very limited beta, if that wasnt bad enough he later also admitted to not even having played it. This was Marvel's Avengers, not that the game was in a good spot at the final release, however, the things he criticized it for were the parts that were actually really good in the full release, something they had chopped up in the beta in order to not spoil anything. And the things that were worth giving it a bad review for were things we couldnt even experience in the beta, like crash bugs or that the itemization/loot system was run of the mill and lackluster.

Oh yeah and Rio, the guy that pushed for arbitrations to be as they were at release, then turned around and bit DE's hand when the majority of players didnt enjoy the idea of bi-rotational reward system of it. Screaming that DE should have seen it coming and that it was bad design ideas even though he had been onboard with it prior to the backlash. Plus him clinging onto the "raids" of WF as something good makes me think that he (and several others of similar mind) have never once in their life experienced a real actual raid in a game, neither "open ended" in DaoC style, or organized in WoW style. If they had, they'd understand just how hard it is to make raids properly and how pointless it is to have them just for the sake of the label "raid" in WF.

Raid and PvP in WF seems to be loved by some simply so they can go around and talk about how they "raid" or "PvP" in their game among their friends that play games that have real raids and real PvP. Kinda like one of my friends that started talking like as if was deeply into PvP from his "world PvP" encounters in Dark Souls, which made me almost choke on my food at the time from shear laughter. The same person who avoids PvP like the plague in actual PvP games.

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23 minutes ago, (NSW)manOwar98 said:

Not to brag but I might be the only Warframe Creator who doesn't Bash DE check out my Is Warframe Dead Video is super positive twords DE and I think it opens up a good conversation 


2 things: Go to fan zone to promote yoursef and find a better way to promote yourself.

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