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Warframe Is Missing Something...


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i dont know if this belongs here or not, or if it has bin mentioned before.


the game is great, but its kinda the same over and over Again, you build weapons and warframe and level em, over and over. undtil its starts to get boring.


so instead of all warframe looks alike, would it be good if you can change parts on it. give it different looking armor, head, hands, legs and so on. so your warframe becomes UNIQUE!


and instead of the 3th person shooter all the time, cant you let os choose if we want to play as 3th or 1st person shooter?

to be honest the camera is starting to get annoying, when people get infront of you or right behind you, or you stand close walls the camera gets annoying.


if you got better ideas or other ideas let os know xD

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I understand how you feel - about the possible repetitiveness of the game at the moment - however, there are lost of ways to avoid this happening. You can join a clan and play with friends - or maybe even found one yourself ! Because of the steady flow of content, try to level up every weapon out there - defeat every new boss etc. Also, the events bring life into the game . They Give you something to focus on as a team, a break away from the usual routine of playing conventional missions.

Also, as more lore is added to the game ( check the 'lore' section of your profile ) there are more and more interesting developments giving more of a reason to keep playing ).

I would say that, because this is a co-op game, the whole clan idea is your best bet if you are looking for extra things to do.

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