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Lavos: imbuing base cold procs 3 dots while gas procs only one dot, speculation: unintended switch?

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First of all, thanks to whoever worked on or helped with creating Lavos. gorgeous, strong and niche 9/10 

I'm gonna use Orphidian bite & Catalyze (Lavos' 1st & 4th ability) since they proc elements exactly the same and are the most simple.

If you don't imbue anything, the ability procs one dot of the original element. (toxin for the bite, heat for the ultimate) 

If you imbue the same original element, you proc 2 dots (be it toxin to Orphidian bite or heat to Catalyze).

If you imbue an additional base element such as heat or toxin or electricity or mixed such as gas, you proc one dot of the original element and one dot of the imbued element. 

If you imbue an additional base element such as cold or all mixed elements but gas, you proc one dot of the original element and 3 dots of the imbued element. 

Maybe cold is supposed to proc once and gas thrice? i don't know but i decided to write it down so the devs & other players can see this so that someone fixes this or explains to me this logic, no biggie :) 

screenshots of Orphidian bite with every possible element used on a corrupted bombard, you can try it on other factions, same result.

FYI, Vial rush procs tons of times, and the Probe procs elements twice for any element per tick. 

Everything i tried was in simulacrum on frozen AI with the contribution of a clan mate

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