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So warframe on Kfconsole in 2021?


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42 minutes ago, _R_o_g_u_e_ said:

Gaming consoles are literally just Pc’s in a fancy case.

your hot take is pretty mild.

Oh gosh, you're RIGHT!  Quick quick!  You'd better get over to DE and tell them that they've forgotten the updates to my clearly PC version of Warframe!  We've only got a few days left for operation Orphix Venom!  Oh man they're going to be so embarrassed that they've forgotten to push the update to millions of people playing on PC!  How did nobody notice this before???

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On 2020-12-31 at 5:30 PM, xcrimsonlegendx said:

I'd get a KFConsole if it actually MADE chicken instead of warming it.

If I have hot, ready to eat fried chicken why would I store it in a console when I could just eat it? They need to go back to the drawing board and create a deep fryer that's also a console, then you're onto something.

Mmm. Printed chicken.

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