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Happy New Year DE and Tennos,

the last days, while leveling my  Necramech, I got the idea of this. 

How about a PvP mini game with our Necramechs? As map, it could be a smaller version of the Plains, Fortuna and Deimos. 

It could be a 3v3 or 4v4. 

How you think about it?

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It's pvp so no.

If I were to talk about it seriously, necramechs aren't exactly something that everyone owns. And also we are talking about pvp. Almost no one likes pvp and there are some loud ppl who mention everytime they can how they hate the mechs.

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it's about the only kind of PvP that *might* work, and even then, the only way to properly balance it would be for everyone to use default mechs, because modded ones would give a HUGE advantage. that said, I'm not interested, and I'd rather DE keep focusing on making good PvE content, because that's what warframe does best.

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