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Fullscreen: 100+fps Window-mode: <1fps ??? (Solved: Turn off Optimized Flip Model)

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I have this weird bug that I can't play WF in window-mode.

I have a very capable computer, and it runs perfect in fullscreen.

Funny thing is that window-mode runs perfect too; that is as long as I'm tabbed so another window has focus. Then it's butter smooth. But as soon as I tab in it becomes a stuttery slide-show...

Anyone had a similar issue and know of a fix?

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NVM, found the culprit, it was the Optimized Flip Model setting. Turned it off and everything runs fine. Kind of funny since it's specifically supposed to improve window-mode.

Well I dunno... keep the thread so others can see it if they have the same problem, or delete it?

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