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Orokin Void Surivival T3 And Nekros Bugs


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Hi how are you?


Well i have a list of things that arent working so well or they are intended to be like that, dont know.


Well from the start i'm soloing Orokin Void Surivival T3 with my Nekros, to get the Latron Prime Barrel, the point is i did this like 10 times or more and all the times i got the 5+ or 10+ minutes drop everything except the barrel, the problem?? well the drops repeat, like 2 times in a row getting MAG PRIME HELM BP or Latron prime receiver two times in one mission, at 5+ and 10+. The other things is the shadow of dead version of the Corrupted lancer or Crewman they dont shoot, they walk, crouch and recharge but they dont shoot. 

I cant reach to 15+ drop becouse the Corrupted Drones are insanely OP, they rape you in a second if you didnt and see them coming, very hard to kill. They come at min 3 in pairs. Dont know if it is a bug or is intended to be the most dangerous mob.


Sry for the long for, here there is a picture of a potato.



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