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Necramech XP resetting during host migration in Orb Vallis

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So I have noticed an issue where if I get auto joined into someone's session and then spend an hour fighting to level up my necramech in Orb Vallis. When the host of the session decides to leave group or crashes or whatever causes the host migration to trigger, my necramech XP resets to the state it was in when I first entered Orb Vallis. If I extract then, I lose all the XP I so worked to gain. If I continue fighting I only retain XP that I gain after the host migration occurred and still lose all that I gained before the host migration. This has happened so many times now, that I have to change my session to solo before entering Orb Vallis as I would otherwise be just wasting my time there.

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I feel your pain as I have lost dozens of toroids and Affinity twice in the past few days when just getting in the elevator to return to Fortuna,  Fortuna has gotten progressively worse I'd guess at least 2 major updates ago but its hard to say as I've only recently started visiting it again to level my Necromechs. It's definitely an issue as there are pages and pages of disgruntled players who have experienced crash after crash and primarily in Orb Vallis, usually Profit Taker mission, but lately its been crashing for me just out and about, doesn't seem to matter if I am the host or not.  I would recommend posting in the Bug Forums so that there is evidence that they need to fix there old crap before creating additional content to bog them down with even more stuff to fix.  They should be back from their vacation starting this week so fingers crossed they fix this and many others that have been piling up for months sometimes years! For now I only stay in Orb Vallis for short visits, like 30 min or less to minimize any potential loss due to recurring crashes. 

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