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Console Update: Orphix Venom (Status: LIVE!)


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Not going to lie.  I don't like the removal of In Cert status even as a PC player.  It was nice to know when it was sent to the console cert teams as it was generally then only a few days until the console tenno got the update, and also shifted the waiting rather than being on DE to waiting on the console cert teams. 

Like the In Development status just seems too broad as I would assume that as soon as it goes live on PC the patch is already "In Development" for the consoles even if there was going to be a few bug fixes work would have already been started right?

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As above, whats point of removing "in cert"? You want to keep having people ask "is it in cert" 300 times during streams or in forums? Pretty dumb decision over a VERY small detail, hmm. Your consumer facing PR team are going to love it. Every. Single. Time.

On that note. As we really dont know if it is or isnt......

Is it in cert yet?

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Console players should be respected more, we are just as loyal and supportive as PC. We should have received this update when PC did, so we can enjoy it over the holidys, but we get it when we all have to go back to work. This gap between PC and console needs to go, im a 6 year veteran to this game and console players are severly neglected.

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53 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Now that we're making the Arcana Bounties more easily accessible, it's time to rebalance the drop tables:

You guys never really remove BS, you just move it elsewhere.  The drop tables weren't properly balanced around the fact that it would take forever to run the vaults before, so you aren't fixing the balance by making them worse now.  You're just Monkey's Pawing the hell out of us by making sure that the grind still sucks.  What happened to that "we're going to reduce grind" bit that you've promised us 100 times?  You've now bloated every drop table out with dozens of relics.  We have enough places to get relics.  

And on top of that, you're still making sure to put basic Quality of Life on mods instead of just making it innate.  You really just flat out don't care about what your players ask you for huh?  As long as enough people still have their noses to the grind stone it doesn't matter to you one bit how many other players you lose or how unhappy your main base is.

And you still need to address the game-breaking bugs in the Vallis and Drift.  A bunch of people don't all just start crashing on just those two areas all at the same time when one of them worked fine before a certain update, unless YOU broke something.  You at least need to acknowledge that there's an issue.

There is a reason you lost players during a month where you put out a new event.  You stopped listening to your players unless your players are rioting in every forum this game has.  And a lot of the ones that cared enough to complain about your crap have probably just flat out given up on you and left.


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13 minutes ago, (XBOX)Str8upMEAN said:

Console players should be respected more, we are just as loyal and supportive as PC. We should have received this update when PC did, so we can enjoy it over the holidys, but we get it when we all have to go back to work. This gap between PC and console needs to go, im a 6 year veteran to this game and console players are severly neglected.

Im a veteran console player too and completely disagree with you. They tried parallel launch before, and it didnt work. Id rather PC beta test to a degree and then its rolled out to the consoles. Look at the crap that PC has to go through routinely after a content drop, half the game code breaks every time. Severely.

Waiting a couple of hotfixes is, literally, to our advantage

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2 minutes ago, (XBOX)Abherration said:

Im a veteran console player too and completely disagree with you. They tried parallel launch before, and it didnt work. Id rather PC beta test to a degree and then its rolled out to the consoles. Look at the crap that PC has to go through routinely after a content drop, half the game code breaks every time. Severely.

Waiting a couple of hotfixes is, literally, to our advantage


23 minutes ago, (XBOX)Str8upMEAN said:

Console players should be respected more, we are just as loyal and supportive as PC. We should have received this update when PC did, so we can enjoy it over the holidys, but we get it when we all have to go back to work. This gap between PC and console needs to go, im a 6 year veteran to this game and console players are severly neglected.

Ill add to this confo, your both right.

We should be getting updates along side our pc lads as we push foward to cross saves / play as Warframe still falls further behind every other title in the gaming space. But the PC lads should also not be our Beta testers.

We have test servers that were last used i believe steel path?. But regardless the QA team should be doing their thing every update and the pc lads shouldn't be the ones dealing with it still. Back when it was a small group it was understandably needed but now 300+ strong and backed by Tencent it's just sloppy work that we the players shouldn't be ok with.

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I'm genuinely looking forward to the Event, been wanting to try out Necramechs in new places for a while now. I'm guessing PCs next update will make it a permanent thing? also glad the rest of the Tennogen is coming around, been wanting that Corpus Nikana skin.

I can't say as I agree with doing away with the cert announcements though. to me at least, that was the signal, the prize at the end of weeks of waiting, to come on here and find out it's now within a few days for certain. just now I log in to find out Orphix Venom is in development, and that makes me happy, because players need to be given SOME idea of how close or far a release is. I know that nothing can be set in stone, but DE sounds to me like they're forgetting how important it is to communicate with us. without the Cert announcement, we're looking at weeks of it just saying "in dev" without knowing where in the process DE actually is. 

still, I will continue to wait patiently for as long as it takes to get a decent build to consoles, but at a time where many of us are stuck indoors with not much else to do, it's nice to have something to look forward to, you know?



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23 minutes ago, (PSN)Mofojokers said:


Ill add to this confo, your both right.

We should be getting updates along side our pc lads as we push foward to cross saves / play as Warframe still falls further behind every other title in the gaming space. But the PC lads should also not be our Beta testers.

We have test servers that were last used i believe steel path?. But regardless the QA team should be doing their thing every update and the pc lads shouldn't be the ones dealing with it still. Back when it was a small group it was understandably needed but now 300+ strong and backed by Tencent it's just sloppy work that we the players shouldn't be ok with.

Unless sony, microsoft and nintendo allow for updating the main code, update style, without the need for cert, parallel launch isnt going to happen regardless of team size or investor backing. So PC are our beta testers before the code is ported 5 ways to the consoles, as thousands of testers beats a handful of QA testers, internal and cert people, poking at it. Also cross save doesnt require identical data, youll just get a placeholder return on an array call.


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2 hours ago, (PSN)Vexx757 said:

Lavos has taken the #1 spot of the ugliest warframe in the game. It`s a damn shame coz from what I've seen he looks like a fun frame, I have always wanted a frame that can manipulate status effects but he`s soo ugly I can`t ignore it. I only have two option, either wait for a deluxe skin for him to come out or unfortunately I'll just have to wait for the prime version to come out.

When I get him I'll just use him for mastery then sacrifice him to helminth, I`m sorry but whoever came up with the design of Lavos has not taste in aesthetics. Again a real damn shame.

I think he looks awesome. That's just like, your opinion, man :)

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I'm glad to see the update thread finally! It's been worth the wait. I hope you & everyone else at DE had a good New Years :)


I do have some thoughts though.


Regarding the change of no longer using industry terminology, I can understand making things simpler. But perhaps each individual console can have a little notice / bullet point that says their current development status ( Console name here: "In cert!" ), and nothing more?

  • It could at least let players know a hint of how things are progressing with their platform (As long as other consoles' Tenno don't complain too severely about having to wait longer than another platform does).
  • I personally really like hearing some of the developent update terms and other stuff like that. It's a nice thing to learn about (The terminology I mean :) )!


Aside from that, there is a much more serious matter I want to mention (Which a lot of other players iterated on in multiple feedback threads (Bonewidow's thread, the Orphix Venom thread, etc.)! ):

23 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Vazarin Dash, Trinity's Blessing, Equinox's Mend, Rejuvenate Aura, and Arcane Pulse no longer heals Necramechs. Out of 21 sources of healing, these five slipped through.

cannot stress this enough (Though I do so with good intentions), Necramechs need a way to heal beyond the limits of only Necramech Repair. Since Heart of Deimos was introduced, both Mechs were at least benefitting from one of the smallest forms of healing-over-time, the Rejuvenation Aura.

It's small but never-ending, so why is that not allowed anymore now of all times (When Mechs are needed more than ever), while no prior mention regarding how Mechs shouldn't be healed by outside sources ever came up before Orphix Venom?

  • Is it a possible logical or lore decision? By logical I mean that since it's the Warframe that has the aura equipped, it's not the Mech's Aura mod. If Lore is involved, I wouldn't know how it could be. Unless you mean how Mechs were from before Warframes were, maybe (Unless I'm mistaken on that). But even then, Mechs are moddable, same as frames. So they have a similar way to adapt in the Tenno's hands.
  • (Preferably back when Mechs were first introduced, were there any thoughts towards mentioning this Healing change, or was that a decision after Heart of Deimos?)
    • I only ask that because this was clearly in the game on all platforms for months, so I would imagine some people at DE would've gathered some thoughts and possibly an opinion on this matter. Such a thing would've been very important to discuss sooner (Since Survivability is a topic that affects many things in the game, from companions to certain frame builds, Coildrives as of late, the list goes on).


With this in mind, I honestly want to hear back from you @[DE]Danielle as soon as you can (If it's alright to ask), what are your thoughts on these Necramech passives, etc.?


  • For those who want the Mech's hypothetical changes I worked on, here they are for a quicker reference:

    (Copied from the top of the thread)




    Backup Power: By holding the gear wheel toggle (Because Mechs don't use a gear wheel), pull up a small interface above the Engine gauge. Select one or more options to divert your engine reserves into, to increase: Ability Strength, Duration, Range, or Efficiency.

    Do you want to boost your firepower (Strength), the kick of your abilities (Range), Efficiency (Merging Engine power with energy to reduce energy cost), or how long they last (Fusing Engine power into your next cast so that it lasts longer)?


    In more detail:

    • (First off, this will work much better if a percentage number can be added onto the Engine guage, given the details)
    • When you select one of these options, your Engine power will gradually drain at a rate of 2% per second. It will continue to gather engine power until you hold the gear toggle again to keep the charge or vent it out through your Archgun (Adding to what it can do briefly, noted below).
      • While allocating power, you cannot boost (Slide) continuously, hover, or run until you hold the gear toggle to hold the charge.
        • If the Engine power drains due to this allocation, the charge will automatically be held until your next cast. The Engine will need 10-15 seconds to start recovering (At which time you can use it normally), but your charge will be kept.

          (If you're already holding a stored charge, you will need to either cast an ability with it, or vent it into your Archgun before beginning a new Engine allocation)

    For venting the charge

    • If your vent your charge via Archgun (Tap the gear toggle to make your Archgun glow from the inside out), and it's based on Ability Strength, damage will be increased for that full magazine (Until that number of bullets empties).
      • Perhaps a visual guage in your Mech's energy color can appear above the Archgun's listed ammo amount. This guage can look like a bullet chain perhaps (Maybe depending on the Archgun you use), and as it runs out of charged ammunition that decreases, and fades when it's used up.
    • Charges of ability efficiency or range will increase the speed of the bullets or other type of fire, letting it go out further and faster (This empties it faster).
    • A charge of ability duration increases the duration of all status procs caused by the Archgun's magazine.

    For using the charge

    If you select multiple options, a varying amount of Engine power will be put into each respective aspect of your ability. This first bit is based on the first three abilities, as Guard Mode is a channeled ability (Noted below).

    • The conversion rate for Engine power to Ability (Aspect here) is: 2% engine power equals +1% ability aspect increase. One reason for that is Ability Strength.

      Considering that these numbers will add on top of your mods, it may not be needed to have more than 80% ability strength for the Arquebex (To be fair, that thing is strong on it's own!).
    • But, it's also a decent increase when you get in the thick of it and plan your combat strategy. Up to 50% of an ability aspect increase may eliminate the need for a mod in your build, allowing you to slot in a utility of some kind, or still stack the mod effects with it!
    • I also gave Necramech Thrusters some thought (Since that can double your total engine capacity) last night. There were two possibilities I thought of originally, however they both could lead to people feeling like they have to have the mod in order to make use of the passive. As a result, I don't thnk they're balanced for this.

      (I do have a good, sensible reason for the official application of the mod with this though)
      • Original possibilities (For those who're curious; Neither of these are what I'd choose)
      1. With a max rank Necramech Thrusters, that could've increased the Engine's power limit in some way. Either stopping at 50% allocation & hold one collective charge, to let you use the Engine normally without a cooldown...
      2. Or it might've increased the conversion limit so that it's 1% allocation for 1% increase, being completely linear. This could lead to a +100% ability aspect increase on top of your mods.

        (Arquebex becomes an even greater tactical nuke launcher, which it doesn't need; It's very good as is, considering how the passive would already work with Guard Mode below).
    • Official Application with Necramech Thrusters

      Considering how the two above things might feel mandatory (Possibly feeling like costing a mod slot), I think it would make more sense to have no functional interaction between the passive and Necramech Thrusters. If a max rank Thrusters is slotted in, the conversion rate stays the same. One way of looking at that though, is if the guage's percentage number is listed as 200% Engine Power on the HUD, the conversion rate can be thought of as 4% engine power per 1% ability aspect increase. Visually speaking, if you're adding bigger thrusters on the Necramech itself, that might need a larger amount of oomph from the engine to make use of it!

      So effectively speaking, the mod doesn't need to interact with this passive, so players don't feel an urgency to increase the capacity.


    Taking all this in, when you cast Necraweb, Storm Shroud, or Gravemines, you may need to think of what aspect of them you want to increase on the fly.

    It's a simple ability passive concept I think! And it fits right in with the Old War style of the Necramechs (I believe Father would agree with me).


    Now if you cast Guard Mode, you can actually divert power to it as you activate the 4th ability!


    How it works is:

    • Select your ability aspect(s), then once the allocation begins activate Guard Mode. When the Engine drains during the ability, each buff will last at the fullest effect they can be until Guard Mode deactivates.
    • As more Engine power is pumped into it, the effect will increase over time!
      • Ability Strength will gradually increase the damage of each shot fired.
      • Ability Range increases how far the shots will go, and (Optional for DE) may increase the blast radius of every shot by the appropriate percentage.
      • Ability Efficiency (Unlike with a normal Archgun) focuses on the energy cost to activate, and subsequent drain over time.
      • Ability Duration focuses more on the energy drain than Efficiency (Since it doesn't help ability cast-cost as well, small balance there!), but it might still work with a mix of Efficiency as well.
    • Alternative to this method of using Guard Mode, you can simply hold a previous charge and put it all into Guard Mode at once while your engine recovers from something else.


    Finally, here are some important reasons why I thought of this:


    1. When the Mech first came out, TONS of mentions regarding how stamina came back, why that was and that it shouldn't be there were on the relevant forum threads (Not meaning to say that they were all complaints or that everyone on those threads disliked it). To be fair, I could see what they meant, as far as that goes.
      • As for how I felt about it, since the Mechs are old school compared to Warframes, I think it's more realistic. They aren't necessarily advanced in the same manner.
      • So when I thought of this passive, I figured it will be a way to make the "stamina bar" no longer just a stamina thing. Now you can actually / actively strategize with it.
        • Plus, for a machine like this, it makes sense for it to have some sort of effort-allocation system. The Mech's HUD style is well suited to include such a thing.
    2. I feel that this sort of passive represents how Necramechs are the way they are, personally. Especially with the Voidrig bring the first one introduced, it should be a good standard to think about for future Mech development (Including Bonewidow).
    3. The Backup Power passive is like an effort to dig in your heels and pull out all the stops to win, which makes sense when sometimes summoning your Mech itself is your last (Or first) ditch effort against the enemy.
    4. This way of looking at the passive (& how to make it work), to me does seem balanced as is, and it really makes the player think about what they want to do.
      • Not just with their abilities, but in case they only want to power their equipped Archgun, they have that option too. Putting the choices in the player's hands with this feels like a really fun and engaging way to use the Necramech!
      • In addition, fully draining the Engine shouldn't be too risky as long as you have a way to stay alive with Storm Shroud, to look at it another way. You can quickly start allocating power again or just clear the room of enemies, and prepare for your next enemy engagement.
    5. Speaking of player choice, as noted in the passive description, you're free to remove a mod from your build since the Engine can more than make up for a given ability aspect (Up to 50% compared to a 30% mod increase)! But that said, you can also keep the mod in, and then stack the Engine's power onto it too.



    New implementation with Necraweb:

    When the Necraweb canister explodes on it's own, or gets shot, two kinds of effects happen (That being the mire or fiery conflaguration); Defense or Offense. Both can be in effect at the same time (With their own durations), but that will need two canisters. Standing / moving around in the mire or fire could absorb some of that fluid into the Mech, and you can take that effect with you outside the area-of-effect.

    These effects can be increased by ability strength and duration mods (As well as the potential of Voidrig's Backup Power passive!). Defense and Offensive effects each take 5 full seconds of absorption by the Necramech who stands / moves around in it (Including Bonewidow / future Mechs), and they begin absorbing it the moment they step in the fluids!

    • The Defense and Offense aspects listed below will show the minimal effects (1 second of absorption), followed by the full effects (At least 5 seconds) separately. At full absorption, the effect will last until sometime after you set foot outside of the area-of-effect or awhile after the area disappears.
      • However strong of an effect you build up will not go down though, so no need to worry about a diminishing return situation!
    • Warframes, Companions & Operators still recieve some benefits from this ability as well (From the original posts' iteration)!

      The explanation is a bit more streamlined now below. However, they don't need to wait in the fluids to recieve their own full effects (Not really anywhere on their bodies they can absorb it into, and they're not as tall). Therefore, only the max effects will be listed for them.
      • These effects all stack on top of any relevant mods, etc. they have!



    For Necramechs

    • Graviton fluids recover your Mech's HP over time at a rate of 1% of max HP / second for 3-5 seconds (1 second of absorption).
      • %
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What a shame. I was literally playing Trin the other day while leveling my Necramechs because I knew I wasn't gonna use my frame mainly. I had used blessing once to heal the objective and went back to my mech to find it had healed. I was ecstatic to find that my most played frame, the big healer, actually had a proper use now. I thought maybe y'all were gonna let healers, ya know, heal the mechs. I wish Trinity was used beyond Eidolons. In a damage meta, healers just aren't needed. In the case of mechs, I felt Trin had something special because the mechs couldn't heal naturally and thus she may get used. I read this and find that Trinity will go back into the shroud of unuse. To say the least, it was sad to see this.

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3 hours ago, yarl5000 said:

Not going to lie.  I don't like the removal of In Cert status even as a PC player.  It was nice to know when it was sent to the console cert teams as it was generally then only a few days until the console tenno got the update, and also shifted the waiting rather than being on DE to waiting on the console cert teams. 

Like the In Development status just seems too broad as I would assume that as soon as it goes live on PC the patch is already "In Development" for the consoles even if there was going to be a few bug fixes work would have already been started right?

I agree with this. Knowing when things were in cert gave us a heads up of "You have a few days or so". It felt more communicative and transparent. It also told us WHERE in development y'all are. Having it be "In development" then "In cert" then "Live" would be much better for clarity. 

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5 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:


Update: Orphix Venom is in development for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch!

Before we hop into what's coming, we want to announce some changes to Status Threads in 2021 and onwards: 

Moving forward, we will be posting a single status thread that covers all console platforms. Platform specific notes will be highlighted as such!

Status threads will also indicate the following two progress stages for upcoming Console Updates: 
1. “In Development'': The update is in development and is being put together and tested for each console platform before sending it to our partners for approval! 
2. “Live”: The update is live and ready to be downloaded!

With the now 5 consoles platforms we support, we want the most important information out front and center. We are doing away with the industry jargon “In Cert'' status and individual platform threads so that other communication efforts can be made in its place on our socials, live streams, etc. Our goal continues to be to keep you up to date with the latest Console Update news! 


Our first update of 2021 brings the Nechramech Sentient busting Operation: Orphix Venom and everything from the PC December Hotfixes. Since we are posting this status thread in the very early stages of development, know that much time is still required to put the update together and test it. It is possible that as we continue to work on the update changes and fixes may be included that are not listed here at the time of posting (which is also why there is not currently an official update number yet). We will notify you here and make edits to include said additions if they occur.   

Continue your read to get a peek into what’s coming with Orphix Venom!



We’re bringing you three new Bundles in this update, that feature skins and more from our talented TennoGen Artists from Round 19 Part 2. These Bundles will officially complete all TennoGen Round 19 releases on consoles! 

Tennogen Bundle LII.png

Tennogen Bundle LII
• Excalibur Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
• Ash Ichneumon Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.
• Saryn Night Hunter Skin by Mz-3

Tennogen Bundle LIII.png

Tennogen Bundle LIII
• Garuda Tengushin Skin by Lubox
• Khora Miyabi Skin by malaya and Awk’Q-Luz
• Nova Mithra Skin by lukinu_u
• Liset Mithra Skin by lukinu_u

Tennogen Bundle LIV.png

Tennogen Bundle LIV
• Staff Eklypsa by lukinu_u
• Rapier Arashi by Lubox
• Nikana The Undercutter by Felix Leonheart
• Valesti Syandana by Xtygian and led2012
• Scylla Syandana by Faven
• Irya Oculus by kakarott2812

Controller Specific Additions & Changes:
• Fixed an issue where binding "Show Player List" to D-Pad would override its functionality when navigating menus with a controller.
• Fixed loss of functionality if you used a controller to open up the Pause Menu while viewing Bounties and viewed a squad member's profile. You can no longer open the Pause Menu while viewing Bounties.



The Sentients are back. Armed with weaponized pulses cleverly designed to disable Warframes, they're staging a takeover of enemy vessels. Deploy your Necramech to survive incoming hordes for as long as possible and earn Blueprints for Lavos, the newest Warframe, plus much more! 

Operation: Orphix Venom will be a limited-time event. Start/end dates will be posted on update launch, along with a detailed Operation thread and Leaderboards.

Following in PC’s footsteps, Console players will also get to enjoy double Affinity for the first two weeks of Orphix Venom. 


With your Warframe compromised, you'll need to rely on your Necramech to defend enemy ships against a total Sentient takeover. If you don't yet own a Necramech, you'll find Necramechs throughout the Operation level that you can Transference into!

Aboard the ambushed Grineer and Corpus vessels, be prepared to face new Sentient adversaries. The Orphix are insidiously engineered to interrupt Transference and wreak havoc. You'll need to take them out with the strength of your Necramech and Operator, along with the Orphix Resonators, and keep the Sentient Control meter below 100%. Last as long as you can to earn Phasic Cells to exchange for Rewards and stave off the invasion!

Avoid defeat at all costs, Tenno. 


Operation: Orphix Venom will not be easy and requires preparation. You must have completed both the "Heart of Deimos" and "The War Within" Quests in order to begin.

There are 3 tiers of difficulty:

1. Operation: Orphix Venom
2. Operation: Orphix Venom - Advanced
3. Operation: Orphix Venom - Endurance

Progress through each to encounter the enemy at varying difficulties to earn different Rewards along the way!


You’ll be able to visit the Necralisk on Deimos and talk to Father, who's eager to demonstrate the power of his Necramechs against the Sentient threat. He's hoarding a stockpile of special gear that he'll trade for Phasic Cells, including the Blueprint for the master experimenter and newest Warframe, Lavos, Necramech Mods, and more! BUT - there's more! You’ll also be able to earn a number of rewards also by just playing the Operation - including Lavos! It'll be up to you if you want to save your Phasic Cells for Lavos and other items, or get lucky and earn select items within the Operation!


• Lavos Blueprint & Parts 
• Cedo Blueprint & Parts 
• New Necramech Mods
• Cryptanaut Necramech Helmet
• Necramech Alternate Helmets
• Archgun Skins
• Cortege Supulchrax Skin
• Morgha Supulchrax Skin
• Returning Scarlet Spear Items
• Ceti Lacera Blueprint
• Basmu Blueprint
• Stance Forma Blueprint
• The Ballroom Simulacrum
• Phased Clan Sigil
• Glyphed Clan Sigil
• Gilded Clan Sigil
• Warframe Arcanes



Each Orphix has an initial value of 100 points in the first Operation mission. As your fight evolves, so will the Orphix, awarding you more points at a greater difficulty. Orphix will be worth 200 points at the hardest difficulty (Endurance), and scale up from there! The higher your score, the more Phasic Cells you'll walk away with.

Try to survive for as long as you can - 36 Orphix will be the maximum amount in the Endurance mission, so once you’ve hit 36, it’s time to extract! The first two Operation missions have a limit of 24 Orphix. Players looking to maximize their score should head to Endurance!

Phasic Cells can be earned in any Operation mission. But remember - Endurance gives the most points per Orphix, so you'll earn the most Phasic Cells there. A prepared and coordinated squad even more so! While this Operation is possible Solo, best results will come from coordinated Squads! 


Clan Scores are determined based on the sum of all participating members' best scores. We balanced this around about 50% member participation for Gold Tier trophies. 

Expand spoilers for full list:

  Reveal hidden contents


Clan Tier / Scores:


Terracotta: 1390
Bronze: 5860
Silver: 13920
Gold: 18850


Terracotta: 3510
Bronze: 22275
Silver: 69120
Gold: 137250


Terracotta: 11700
Bronze: 75250
Silver: 230400
Gold: 457500


Terracotta: 35100
Bronze: 222750
Silver: 691200
Gold: 1372500


Terracotta: 117000
Bronze: 742500
Silver: 2304000
Gold: 4575000




3 New Sentient Enemies will be encountered during Operation: Orphix Venom and can be spawned in the Simulacrum once fully Scanned!

This lightweight Sentient mounts itself to solid ground in order to deploy massive long-range cannons.

These ethereal Sentients attack with both a sonic barrage and a thunderous homing orb.

A high-order Sentient that bifurcates its body, creating a portal it uses to summon reinforcements and projectiles. Armed with twin cannons.


A manipulator of the physical realm, imbue Elements into his Abilities at your command. Lavos is also the first Warframe that consumes no Energy, relying instead on a cooldown system to replenish his Abilities.

Energy and Universal Orbs give Lavos status immunity for 10 seconds. Hold any Ability to imbue the next cast with additional Elemental Damage and Status. 

  • To make combining elements so that they may be imbued easier on controller, you’ll be able to make combined elemental damage by either a) holding two ability buttons together to combine (a bit of finger gymnastics) or b) holding one ability and then another to combine. 

Lash out with a toxic serpentine strike, consuming the target to heal Lavos. Hold to imbue all Abilities with Toxin.

Dash forward, crashing through enemies and leaving an icy trail of broken vials. Hold to imbue the next Ability cast with Cold.

Launch a probe that converts Health and Energy Orbs into Universal Orbs that provide both, and Ammo pickups into Universal Ammo Pickups. The probe shocks enemies in close proximity. Each electrocuted foe reduces Ability cooldowns by one second. Hold to imbue the next Ability cast with Electricity. 

Catalyst Probes erupt from Lavos and douse combatants in a fiery gel. Damage is doubled for each element afflicting an enemy. Hold to imbue the next Ability cast with Heat.

You’ll also be able to visit Lavos' Leverian to learn about Javi. The Crawling Serpent. The Abhorred. The Filth-Speaker.


Launch a glaive that ricochets off surfaces in bursts of elemental damage, then perforate enemies with primary fire's precision buck-shot. Damages increased with each Status Effect afflicting a target. Lavos will transmute a small portion of any ammo pickup to Shotgun ammo when wielding his signature Cedo.

Lavos' signature Syandana has been engineered for life in the lab and the battlefield. 


An alternate helmet for Lavos, emblematic of the master transmuter's search for wisdom.

Lavos the Transmuter emerges from the seething smoke, the forgotten master of a much-misunderstood art. Includes the Lavo Warframe, Cordatus Alternate Helmet, Transmutation Probe Decoration, Vitam Syandana, and Cedo Shotgun. Also includes 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.

Transmute your generosity into Rewards! To honor the spirit of giving, gifting Lavos to another player in-game means you'll receive an additional Lavos Transmutation Probe Decoration!



Necramech Bruntspar Skin

Rediscover the brutal power of the earliest Necramech designs with this Skin. Brunstpar is - in Father's words - ‘not out to play nice and make friends.’

Isolation & Arcana Bounty Flow Changes

Isolation Vault Flow Changes:

We have 4 main pillars of Isolation Vault flow changes. Not only do these changes significantly loosen the required routine, but they also aim to further improve the process for less new player confusion.

• You will soon only ever need to complete a specific Tier of Isolation Bounty once to unlock the next Tier.
   • For example: Complete the Tier 1 Isolation Vault near Necralisk Gates. You can then leave Deimos or even log off, and the next time you
     return to Cambion Drift you can go immediately to the Tier 2 Isolation Vault Bounty location and run that Bounty. No need to run the Tier 1
     bounty again if you don't want to.
• Once the Isolation Vault Tier is completed, you can run the Arcana Bounty at that same Tier.
   • Similar to the new Isolation Vault flow above, you can leave the session and upon returning to Cambion Drift you can go straight into the
     Arcana Bounty without first completing the Isolation Vault at that location.
• Each Isolation Vault Bounty Tier now has a specific Mother location in Cambion Drift to provide a concrete flow with less confusion.
   • Tier 1 = Mother located in ‘UNDULATUM'
   • Tier 2 = Mother located between ‘ALBRECHT'S PROSPECT' and ‘CATABOLIC GUTTER'
   • Tier 3 = Mother located in ‘THE ABSCESS'
• All 3 Tiers of Isolation Vault Bounties are now available from Mother within the Necralisk.

Isolation Vault/Arcana Bounty Droptable Changes:

Now that we're making the Arcana Bounties more easily accessible, it's time to rebalance the drop tables:

• Both Isolation Vault Bounties and Arcana Bounties now share a droptable. There are 3 different droptables for each Isolation/Arcana Bounty Tier that rotates every ~3 hours, allowing you to selectively choose the reward you seek and when - exactly how other Open World Bounties work.
   • This rotation follows the same window as the Bounty rotation in the Necralisk.
• Rewards within the Isolation Vault/Arcana Bounties have been rebalanced to provide a better kick at the can for higher coveted rewards:

Droptable content breakdown:

• Orokin Matrixes
   • Less % chance overall.
• Relics
   • Midpoint % between the two old Bounty types.
• Necramech Weapon Parts
   • Now split up among the three droptables so you can target.
• Necramech Mods
   • Similar drop % chance, but split up to allow more targeted runs.
• Deimos Arcanes
   • Significantly higher drop % chance.
• Scintillant (T1)
   • Midpoint drop % chance between the two old Bounty types
• Weapon parts (T2 & T3)
   • Slightly reduced: You only ever need 1 of the Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa Blueprint. Getting all the way to the Arcana Bounties and
     receiving another Weapon Blueprint is not a feel good moment. Although this doesn't completely eliminate getting duplicates, the drop %
     reduction does allow for better chances towards the other rewards.

The following will no longer be in the tables:

Both of these have been taken out to allow for better odds at getting newer/desired rewards.
• Rare Deimos Gems
• Endo

BONUS: Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa Blueprints are now tradable!
To balance out the Weapon Blueprint drop % reduction we've made the Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa Blueprints tradable. The Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa parts were already Tradable, but it's now one step further.

General Isolation Vault Changes & Fixes: 
• Altered dialog timing in the Toxicity (2nd) stage of the Isolation Vault for better pacing of Loid/Otak dialog. Also tuned escalation timing slightly to delay arrival of higher tier enemies.
• Extended context action range of the Bait console when grabbing the key during an Isolation Vault Bounty to help prevent sliding past it or standing on top of it.
• Fixed Isolation Vault Bounties disappearing from Necralisk Mother after completing them for Clients until you reload the Necralisk hub.
• Fixed Matchmaking settings mixing Tiers of Isolation Vault Bounties, resulting in being put into the incorrect Isolation Vault Bounty (IE selecting Tier 3 and being put into Tier 1).
• Fixes towards Host Migration not working with Isolation Vault Stage 1.

Nechramech Changes & Fixes:


Let's breakdown the Bonewidow changes here: Arquebex is a very high damage weapon for Voidrig, as it makes sense for his damage output kit. Bonewidow is our Melee Necramech more focused on survivability and endurance. Exalted Ironbride is not going to match 1:1 with Arquebex, but that doesn't mean Ironbride (or the rest of her kit) should be overshadowed. The below aim to address common Community feedback to provide Bonewidow that extra dash of spice.

• Necramech Melee Mods (Pressure Point, Fury, Reach) now apply to Exalted Ironbride.
• Bonewidow's Ironbride can now do a neutral and forward Heavy Attack that throws a damaging projectile! 
• Renamed Bonewidow's Shield Maiden ‘Shield Bash' to ‘Maiden's Kiss'.
• Reduced Bonewidow's Maiden's Kiss to cost 15 Energy.
• You can now control the direction of Bonewidow's Meathook ability instead of being stuck in the initial direction before activating.
• Bonewidow's Meathook thrown enemies now have 100% Status Chance.
• Bonewidow's Meathook now drains a percent of the target's max Health vs flat damage. When the target is thrown the Damage dealt is a percentage of the target's current Health.
• Both of these changes help to scale Meathook with varying enemy levels.
• Bonewidow Necramech can now reflect damage while blocking with Shield Maiden (this is exclusive to the player's version of Bonewidow).
• Bonewidow will now absorb enemy attacks for a few seconds after activating Shield Maiden, and the absorbed damage will be added to the shield's Health.
• Enemy Bonewidow Shield Maiden now has a limited amount of Health and can be destroyed.
• Enemy Bonewidow will no longer reattach her arm while wielding Exalted Ironbride. One thing at a time!
• Removed Ammo UI when Bonewidow is wielding Ironbride.
• Fixed a crash when using Bonewidow's Meathook on a Deimos Mitosid.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Shield Maiden not deactivating upon Transferring out/back in. This resulted in your shield being on your chest (not active). However, when you pressed Melee you would do Maiden's Kiss, and it would cost Energy, instead of the normal Necramech unarmed attack.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Firing Line affecting Companions/Pets.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Firing Line ragdolling you.
• Fixed enemy Bonewidow sometimes getting stuck with Ironbride out and being unable to switch back to its gun.
• Fixed Bonewidow Melee attacking while using Shield Maiden (Maiden's Kiss attack) would show Atlas' Landslide ability pop-up text.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Firing Line animation not matching its current shield state correctly.
• Fixed Bonewidow's rear hit box getting hit from front attacks.
• Fixed Bonewidow visual-only "Ability Use Prevented" problem after toggling Shield Maiden and Ironbride off.
• Fixed enemy Bonewidows not knowing how to initiate a Maiden's Kiss. Pucker up!
• Fixed enemy Bonewidows sometimes using incorrect idle animations that would cause their shield to look unequipped when it should be and/or their sword to be held incorrectly.
• Fixed enemy Bonewidows periodically playing the Shield Maiden unequip animation during a Melee attack combo.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Shield Maiden not deactivating after redeploying/Transferring in and out but still bashing with Shield instead of normal Melee. This also fixes a related issue where Ironbride would only execute the first attack in its combo chain instead of the full loop.
• Fixed an issue with Bonewidow's Shield Maiden blocking bounds becoming very small when attacked. This was causing Bonewidow to take damage instead of the shield.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Meathook not properly skewering the target if done by a Client player. Previously the ragdoll would appear to float around.
• Fixed enemies held by Bonewidow's Meathook able to cast abilities.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Meathook not displaying "Not Enough Energy" UI message.
• Fixed enemies on Bonewidows Meathook teleporting to their last known spot instead of just being dropped when activating Shield Maiden at the same time.
• Fixed Bonewidow's Meathook grabbing Dargyns.
• Fixed Bonewidow’s Shield Maiden not functioning properly after it’s been destroyed for Client players.
• Fixed crash that could occur if a Bonewidow was using Ironbride at the wrong moment on returning to Town.
• Fixed a crash that could occur if Bonewidow's Shield Maiden is deactivated when a player leaves a mission.
• Fixed issues with Bonewidow’s Firing Line not replicating with custom energy colours.
• Fixed an issue where Bonewidow could Grab the Exploiter Orb.


• Doubled the enemy Voidrig recovery animation time to allow a longer opportunity window to shoot the weak spots.
• Fixed Voidrig Necraweb ability "Press to throw" tool-tip remaining on screen after Transferring out.
• Fixed Voidrig Necraweb canister floating in the air and tool-tip lingering if the canister isn't tossed within a minute.
•  Fixed energy colours not properly applying to Voidrig.

General Necramech Changes & Fixes:

• Both Voidrig/Bonewidow Necramechs, Morgha, and Cortege weapons can be purchased in the Market for Platinum. Necramech's also have their own category in the Market! 
• Fully crafted components for the Necramech/weapons are now tradeable.
• Removed the Gravimag requirement on Archwing weapons for Necramechs.
• Vazarin Dash, Trinity's Blessing, Equinox's Mend, Rejuvenate Aura, and Arcane Pulse no longer heals Necramechs. Out of 21 sources of healing, these five slipped through. 
• Firing your gun while Hovering as a Necramech is now considered to be in an "Aiming" state, meaning Mods like Critical Focus and Marked Target will apply again.
• Bonewidow Necramech's can now be found patrolling or in its deactivated state in The Cambion Drift, similar to Voidrig Necramechs.
• Enemy Necramechs (Voidrig & Bonewidow) will now rotate its body to indicate that it is about to slide towards you.
• Adjusted Necramechs desired spacing between players to avoid sometimes standing right on top of you.
• Fixed (again) Client Necramechs losing gained Affinity if the Host migrated.
• Fixed Operator appearing invisible and floating after exiting your Necramech as Operator for the second time as a Client.
• Fixed cases where both Voidrig and Bonewidow wouldn't attack with its currently equipped weapon.
• Fixed Warframe stats displaying incorrect values in the Arsenal when equipping a Necramech.
• Fixed Necramech weapon getting stuck continuously firing after dashing while shooting.
• Fixed an issue where you would get a second jump sound when aiming with a Necramech in the air.
• Fixed an issue where Revive XP penalty didn't always apply to the Necramech gun if it was the same gun as your Heavy slot or Archwing loadout.
• Fixed your first inworld waypoint not appearing if done in your Necramech.
   • Necramechs now transition to aiming pose faster when in the air.
• Fixed neither Host nor Client not receiving Thermia if they’are in their Necramech when the reward is given.
• Fixed a potential issue with Saya's Vigil if you were in a Necramech when it tried to give you a Scanner charge.
• Fixed UI remaining scrambled after entering your Necramech in a Vome residue puddle.

General Changes:

• You will be able to Build Kitguns at Father in the Necralisk and Gild/Provide/Title your Kitgun! Everything a Kitgun vendor should do!
• Replaced Weapon Blueprint requirements in Necraloid Sacrifices with the associated Barrel Component Blueprint, thus removing the Mastery Rank restriction on advancing Ranks. 
• Basmu and Ceti Lacera Blueprints will be tradeable.
• Inbox messages with transmissions will have a replay button that pulses.
• A Mastery Rank requirements popup will show when trying to purchase a weapon you're not eligible for yet.
• The 'Hint Transmission' audio toggle will be applied to Glass Fissure Transmissions.
• Rebalanced Necramech Efficiency Mods so that they do not stack over 100%. This applies to both the Necramech Drift Mod and Necramech Efficiency Mod. Necramech Drift max rank will be 60% Hover Efficiency and Necramech Efficiency max rank will be 30% Engine Efficiency (as it boosts all stats). Combined you receive a maximum efficiency of 90%.
   • Necramech Efficiency Mods boost the efficiency of all Stamina-affecting maneuvers to 60% at max rank, which leaves little room to expand with other Mods. When combined with Hover Efficiency (Necramech Drift) which already caps out at a problematic 125% efficiency, we get some really undesired values. We missed the mark on balancing these before they were pushed out the door, which is our mistake.
• Increased the Standing Rank font size of Standing Rank up from 18 to 19 to make standard and hopefully fix occasionally displaying a blank square instead of a number.
• Improved the Railjack Inventory Slot flow for more exposure and overall clarity:
   • Changed Wreckage Capacity count to use an icon instead of text + scrap button: hover to see text and select to open scrap window.
• Added an additional button for combined Components and Armaments (constructed Wreckage) to show Components & Armaments Capacity and allow you to Scrap multiple at the same time using the dedicated Scrap window.
• Adjusted reverb sound settings to the Color Key Captura Scene to better fit the level.
• Little blue Necramech and little blue Warframe Helmet icons will mark your Necramech/Warframe respectively on the minimap when not being "controlled" to aid in loss prevention.
• Reduced Nekros Soul Punch area-of-effect physics impulse so it no longer launches enemies across the solar system.
• Improvements to Corpus Ship level navigation where AI could get stuck.
• Running out of Railjack Boost stamina will clear the Boost state to address Boost not recharging once depleted.
• Lowered Xaku Grasp of Lohk ability sounds.

There are several pages of fixes coming! The following are just some highlight fixes from that list: 

• Fixed Scintillant sound not being replicated for Clients, resulting in Clients not seeing Scintillant and thus inability to obtain it.
• Fixed an issue when using the same Arc-gun in Heavy Weapon slot and Necramech gun slot, where Affinity earned before first summoning your Necramech wouldn't apply to the Necramech's version of the Arc-gun.
• Fixed UI becoming unresponsive when holding down a button while using Fast Travel/Decoration mode in the Dojo.
• Fixed recasting Xaku's Grasp of Lohk with no targets nearby resulting in all guns to be lost.
• Fixed Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk ability becoming non-functional if cast too rapidly.
• Fixed Nekros Soulpunching a victim to death not raising the victim as a Shadow for Clients.
• Fixed Ayatan Amber Stars dropping far less frequently than before Deimos Arcana.
• Fixed an issue where the whole screen would be black if you quickly skipped the fly-in cinematic during the Heart of Deimos Quest (may have affected other scenarios in which you load into the Cambion Drift as well).
• Fixed End of Mission screen showing Affinity gained for your equipped Necramech's special weapon when you didn't use it during the mission (no Affinity was actually gained).

So in Cert is no longer a thing?

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Question for you all.

When bonewidow/voidrig will be purchasable from the store via platinum will we still need to do a mission/have standing with loid to use them? ala arc-guns in missions?

I ask since I cannot stand doing iso vaults(either solo/groups) I had given up(and accepted) that I wasn't getting a mech, now you dangle this before me naughty DE naughty! 😄


Still best of luck to the team, keep up the good work!

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5 hours ago, (NSW)AurenTheLucario said:

Can the archgun bug be fixed please? Currently on Nintendo Switch Heavy Weapons and Necramech Archgun are not customizable. Only the first coloration slot on the archgun shows for both. ‘Customize’ button also missing from Heavy Weapon and Necramech archgun loadout slots. Has been broken since Heart of Deimos first released on Switch. Fortuna people (Eudico and company) have been glitched since the launch of The Deadlock Protocol on Switch. In Orb Vallis and other missions with said characters on comms, shows closed ‘stomach-plates’ instead of usual faces if Old Mate rank has been reached.

You cant customize directly with heavy and necramech section but there's a work around. Ended up finding out literally yesterday that it uses config A appearance. If you want to change it just equip in the archwing portion and customize configuration A then reequip on either your necramech or heavy weapon. 

Still a pain to have to do it that way but at least there is a way to make it match with the rest of your necramech.  

Hope the work around helps who are unaware, I definitely was for the longest. It may not be a bug on their end given we had deployable archgun capability for the longest. 

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