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Was M Prime Changed?


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It feels like the aoe when you detonate has smaller range than before. Having trouble setting off chain-reactions, even if mobs are close enough.

Only patchnotes I remember reading was a change in conclaves, did I miss something? Or could it be due to latency?

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for me it's inconsistent, sometimes I can clear rooms, sometimes I still have to pick them off one by one until I find the one that detonates the whole lot if I haven't killed them all already



It don't think it triggers 100% of the time like it should.


As far as I know, no, it has not been changed. The only thing about it that has been, to my knowledge, is that it now lasts five seconds in the Conclaves.

Essentially these.

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I'm having a hard time clearing whole rooms, even with vault mods.


Thought we wanted a harder game :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.


I dug out my Nova again after some time last night, felt the same to me, but it could just be enemy level related I suppose.

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Yes I get this same issue, more then likely DE has been pulling blinds over us AGAIN with unseen nerfs and are too scared to get their feelings hurt to tell us about it.







Nerfing a 275 plat frame and THEN telling the players about it, is I think is too much for DE sometimes. Especially when it has caused a lot of sh*tstorm in the past... *cough* Iron Skin *cough*

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