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Jigoshi, the infernal shinobi

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Name : Jigoshi

Gender : male

Description : Agile and fast, despite having a rather light armor, Jigoshi is able to face multiple enemies thanks to his abilities, and his ability to control fire like no other. Although he is a skilled fighter, however, it does not prevent him from being used for missions where invisibility is essential.

Stats (rank 0)

Hp : 125

Shields : 100

Energy : 150

Armor : 175

Speed : 1.20

Passive : Hitting and / or being hit by an enemy applies a mark of fire to that enemy. For each mark of fire, all effects applied to that enemy last and have 25% increased power. The bonus is doubled for effects involving fire. Maximum 4 fire marks.

Ability 1

Tap Launch a group of kunai that will crash into enemies, dealing direct damage. Holding the skill button, once the kunai are released, will detonate them, igniting enemies.

Cost : 10

Kunai : 12

Direct damage : 275

Explosion range : 4.2 meters

Explosion damage : 575 (100% fire with 120% status chance)

Hold :Throws a single reinforced kunai, which explodes on impact, dealing fire damage and igniting enemies involved in the explosion.

Cost : 10

Kunai : 1

Direct damage : 175

Explosion damage : 975

Explosion range : 9.5 meters (100% fire damage with 360% status chance)

Ability 2


Launch a quick bullet of smoke and incendiary dust. The bullet explodes on first contact, creating a smokescreen. Going through the smokescreen, or staying in it, will make you invisible for a period of time. Enemies that enter the smoke will be enveloped in scorching powders, which will cross their shields, damaging them, as well as obscuring their view, making it almost impossible for them to hit someone, if they shoot.

Cost : 20

Smokscreen range : 12 meters

Smokscreen duration : 21 seconds

Invisibility duration : 15 seconds (duration start once you leave the smokscreen)

Ability 3


Launch a quick fire blast that passes through enemies and shields. Upon impact, the bullet explodes releasing an area covered with fire. Holding the ability when the bullet has exploded (maximum 5 seconds later) teleports you to the point of the explosion, creating a second explosion, scatters incendiary material with double range.

Cost : 25

Explosion range : 7.0 meters

Explosion damage : 750 (100% fire with 1005 status chance)

Fire damage : 350 / s (100% fire with 75% status chance)

Teleport cost : 0

Teleport explosion damage : 1.250

Ability 4

Take full advantage of your mastery of fire, transforming yourself into a specter of pure flames. You increase your movement speed, and the lasers won't be able to detect you. Each enemy that will see you, will take twice as long to realize what you are, and then attack you. Each bullet will deal 70% less damage to you, and enemies that attack you melee will be set ablaze and panic. Collisions with enemies are deactivated, allowing you to run through them, to set them on fire.

Taking fetal damage when this ability is active will negate it, giving you life proportional to the remaining duration at the end of the ability, which will however receive a cooldown.

Cost : 50

Duration 60 seconds

Damage reduction from bullets : 70%

Set enemy on fire when run trough

Fire dps : 450 (100% fire with 150% status chance)



Thanks for reading. For whatever, write in the comments


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